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Hard Light Productions needs your support!

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With only the revenue from advertisements, we cannot afford the kind of server or service that HLP and the community needs and deserves. Believe it or not, HLP has outgrown shared hosting solutions, and even low-to-midrange virtual dedicated servers, a long time ago. What HLP needs is a dedicated server as a long-term solution, but without extra income we cannot afford a good dedicated server from a good, reliable company. This is why we would like to ask the HLP community for donations.

All income will be used for the betterment of HLP, not for anyone's personal expenses. If the community donates much more than HLP needs, we'll just turn it around and use it for the community by arranging competitions with real prizes and so on.

When choosing how much you want to donate, please keep in mind that PayPal charges a processing fee of 3.4% plus a flat fee per donation. The flat fee will be charged as follows: $0.30 USD for payments in U.S. Dollars, $0.55 CAD for Canadian Dollars, ¥40 JPY for Yen, £0.20 GBP for Pounds Sterling, €0.35 EUR for Euros, $0.40 AUD for Australian Dollars. So, for example, if you donate $10 US, HLP will receive $9.36.

Please note that the PayPal account we are using to accept donations is my personal PayPal account. This is because when we started accepting donations, all operating costs (server charges, domain costs, etc.) and ad income used to go through my account. Some costs still do, and for those that don't, I transfer money from my account to where it's needed, when it's needed. If you have any further questions about this situation, feel free to email me at the address that appears in PayPal. It's a good idea to send me a Private Message on HLP as well - this will ensure that Gmail doesn't think your email is spam and whisk it away. :)

- Michael "Sandwich" Cohen

Hard Light Productions thanks every donator no matter how small or big your donation is. Every little bit helps. Thank you!

Recurring Monthly Donations

Some members of the community have expressed interest at being able to support HLP on an automatically recurring monthly basis. Therefore, we now offer this as an option here. This is termed a "Subscription" button by PayPal, and if at any time you wish to halt your monthly donation, you can use the "Unsubscription" button.