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I want to integrate my planetary engine into FS2SCP as I said in my post,49754.0.html
and I need testers for the executables.

I've finished transferring all required source from my engine into FS2 and now I'm trying to wrap the ingame object datastructure to make it using my scenegraph. There are changes all over the source so it's possible that something won't work right.
I would be happy to see if somebody reports any problems. If someone wants to test my work, please look out if there is some strange behavior of the AI or if there are some crashes.

Executable + sourcecode is downloadable from:

I'm using VC 2005. If you want to compile with another IDE, you need to add all files from
into the project.

Great thanks to any help and feedback
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i want do it for your tester


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point out a modder who wouldnt want to test this :D
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I will try to release the work as often as possible.
The more people test it the more bugs I can fix. And it would ensure that everything is downwards compatible.

I've taken out the link because I need to change some lines at different places. I'll post another one today.
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Hmm... I might be able to test it a bit...

Link is online again.
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Ok, I'll take a look too.

When this is fully implemented, I'd like to use that feature for SoL.

Edit: Hmm could this have added some rendering order problems?

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SoL is looking for a sound effect artist
Please PM me in case you want to apply
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Thank you for the hint.  You noticed right, it was a order problem. I fixed it now.

By the way. If anyone wants to test the executables, you only need to place them into your binary folder.
For the sourcecode: I'm only packing actual VC 2005 project files and the "code" folder.  Other folders needs to be downloaded from CVS repository.
Please take also in account that I'm using a source snapshot from the 25th September and I can't keep the sources synchronized with the actual state of the SCP project.
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I would like to test, however my comp doesn't have the necessary stuff to get it running.  :(

If I'm able to get it going then I'll try and contribute to the testing.  :)


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I would like to test, but were do I put code, and projects?
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Just ran a test mission of a TC that's in development, and everything looked like it was working fine. Great work, and keep us posted about what new features are going to be available. Are these test executables just the latest SCP with your new math handling?
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@ hades: karajorma and jr2 told me where you need to get the SCP source from the repository:
After that you need to delete the directory code and place mine instead. The same you need to do with the subdirectory "projects/MSVC_2005".
If you don't use MSVC 2005 you can open an other project file from the repository and insert both folders "code/math/oop" and "code/object/scene" into this project to compile it.

@ Tempest:
Yes. I'm currently converting the original SCP to use my new math handling. Currently I'm renaming variables from the structure "object" all over the source to run a simple search and replace tool afterwards. And the second thing I do is to replace several draw calls with the ones from my scene manager.

I want to prepare the engine and offer all my features as extensions (also opensource) to it.
My scene graph itself is almost a raw planetary engine. I'm trying to implement a hierarchical system based on objects like ships and asteroids are: The star system should be an ingame object derived from class TQuadRail (see KarthesianRails.cpp) and planets should be ingame objects derived from class TPolarRail(see PolarRails.cpp). Other things like terrain chunks should be objects in the same way. For the terrain I want to use the same principle as "The babylon project" has. So I don't need to write extra collision routines and AI handling for it, I hope.
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The include "object/INTObject.h" can be removed from object.cpp
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 :confused: Uh, how do I get to be able to play it?

I have tried a lot of methods and really do not get the "replace the code" thing or something.
Please Help

P.S. - Hey dude, I think this is really awesome thing your doing for the FS2(Open) Fans. Keep it coming.  :yes:

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