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Uoohoo my birstday


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Happy birthday, Wouter. :)
[22:29] <sigtau> Hello, #hard-light?  I'm trying to tell a girl she looks really good for someone who doesn't exercise.  How do I word that non-offensively?
[22:29] <RangerKarl|AtWork> "you look like a big tasty muffin"
<batwota> wouldn’t that mean that it’s prepared to kiss your ass if you flank it :p
<batwota> wow
<batwota> KILL


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Have a good o e! How old today?
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Congratulations Wouter Smits!!
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Happy Birthday!
Maybe someday God will give you a little pink toaster of your own.



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Happy birthday dude!
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When I phonetically interpret the thread title I can only think it was unfortunate for the parent.

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