Author Topic: Can you hear me, Can you hear me running? Blade Runner 2049  (Read 563 times)

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Can you hear me, Can you hear me running? Blade Runner 2049

Future 80s is still best future.

While there is definitely a chance they will bungle expanding the IP, I am cautiously hyped.  Not being a reboot and getting Ford to reprise his role are already positives in my book.  Between Drive and The Nice Guys I am confident Ryan Gosling has the chops to carry the role.

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Re: Can you hear me, Can you hear me running? Blade Runner 2049
Apparently, it wasn't only Gosling who was probed for the role...


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Re: Can you hear me, Can you hear me running? Blade Runner 2049
You know, I've never been a rabid fan of Blade Runner, but this trailer has me genuinely excited.
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Re: Can you hear me, Can you hear me running? Blade Runner 2049
Can you hear me, Can you hear me running?
Well, now I'm disappointed that song wasn't actually in the trailer.
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Re: Can you hear me, Can you hear me running? Blade Runner 2049
Saw it the other night at IMAX and Future 80s is still best future... 

Two and a half hours and I was fully engaged for the entire span, actually I was left craving more time in the universe.  First off it was absolutely gorgeous, the desolate synthetic farmlands, the neon squalor of Los Angeles and the sepia covered corpse of Las Vegas are just a few of the delicacies in a sumptuous visual feast.  The tech, architecture, branding and the characters really made me feel like I was slipping back into the original.  Sound design was great and the soundtrack was pretty good, though I think that Vangelis managed to subtly imbue a little more wonder and multicultural character to the proceedings were as Zimmer went for more impact.
I thought the characters and acting was great all around.  Gosling did a fantastic job as K, he hit the right balance to create the almost human Replicant and you could invest in his character(perhaps more so than Decker's in the original).  Ana de Armas' Joi and her relationship with K was probably one of the most interesting plots in the movie.  Jared Leto crafted a disturbing megalomaniac with Wallace while Sylvia Hoeks' Luv did a good job as his menacing henchwoman.  I dunno if he just wasn't as miserable reprising role like he was in the original but Harrison Ford's Decker actually seemed a little less unhappy than he was in 2019 :P.  The File Clerk, Coco, Mr Cotton, Doc Badger all added a lot of eccentricity I expected from Blade Runner.  Though I do think the world was a little less "crowded" than it could have been, you spend a lot of time in empty spaces rather than the teeming masses.
The story was the enjoyable tech noir detective ride with that I was hoping for, the plot twists were sufficiently twisty, the themes and questions it raised left me needing to digest what I had seen.  2049 was one of those films you experience rather than just watch and I will probably need to see it a few more times to fully come to grips with it.

All in all I really hope 2049 is eventually successful enough to justify another visit, because I really want to see how this universe develops.

(I also just realized there were some prelude anime created for the film that I will need to check out.  2049 dropped a lot of references to events that left me hungry for more details.)
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Re: Can you hear me, Can you hear me running? Blade Runner 2049
Someone on the Blade Runner subreddit bought up some good points about the Empty vs Full spaces change

I did notice Ford seemed to put himself more into this performance. I guess we know who he likes over Han Solo (Basically any character he has made that isn't Han)

I was personally able to INTERLINK with K's character on a personal level. Which is almost impossible for a movie or TV series to do for me. Shame that it flopped at the box office, but it might be for the best.

There are also 3 shorts that act as prequels to important details in the movie:

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Re: Can you hear me, Can you hear me running? Blade Runner 2049
The anime short was directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, of Cowboy Bebop fame. I've heard it's fantastic.