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Oh no worries at all!  Donated time is not something to be demanded or expected.  Thank you!
I probably can't get to that until the weekend. Classwork aside, I still owe mjn, like, a million techroom entries. It's definitely on my radar, though!
Frontlines / Re: WiP - GTFg Jupiter
« Last post by xenocartographer on March 23, 2017, 05:59:48 pm »
If you're familiar with animation code, this script should help you out (adapted from my own engine glow manager):

Code: [Select]
#Conditional Hooks

$Application: FS2_Open

$On Game Init: [
   JupiterFinCache = {}
   JUPITER = "GTFg Jupiter" --change this if you rename the ship!

$On Mission Start: [
   JupiterFinCache = {}

$On Frame: [
   local numShips = #mn.Ships
   for i=1, numShips do
      local ship = mn.Ships[i]
      if ship:isValid() then
         if ship.Class.Name == JUPITER then
            local signature = ship:getSignature()
            local thrust = ship.Physics.ForwardThrust
            local engines = (thrust > FIN_ACTIVE_THRESHOLD)
            if engines ~= (JupiterFinCache[signature] or false) then
               ship:triggerAnimation("scripted", 0, engines)
               JupiterFinCache[signature] = engines

General Discussion / Re: Erdogan's Turkey goes Godwin
« Last post by Dragon on March 23, 2017, 05:46:36 pm »
Im from Slovakia actually. Not that our politicians are very different..
That's right next door. :) As far as society and politics go, it's similar, and our languages are even mutually intelligible.
I wouldnt say main issue with our politicians is lack of intelligence. They are corrupt and loyal only to themselves, but they arent dumb, usually.

Geniuses are more likely to be personable, too. Of course there are many shy geniuses, or maybe geniuses who simply have better things to do than spend lots of time being social. But on average, I think this image of a socially awkward genius is a myth. To a certain degree, emotional and logical intelligence go hand in hand.
Not really. Most politicians aren't dumb (never said they were), but they're not geniuses by any means. They are brighter than average, but not by an extreme margin. They're easily beaten by most university professors, for example. There are no savants in politics, and personality still matters far more than intellect. One can be dumb as a board and get into politics, too. It just doesn't happen often and such people tend to quickly get manipulated by those who can outsmart them.

As for socially awkward genius myth... it ain't no myth. Indeed, from my experience (very personal, if you know what I mean :)), the correlation is inverse, if anything. People with high "logical" intelligence may have high emotional intelligence, but quite a few don't. You don't see them much, obviously, but in general, being introverted goes hand in hand with rational thinking. People with extremely high intelligence tend to also have one or more "personality disorders". I've had a professor who was completely nuts (fittingly, he does theoretical physics. :) Annoying to deal with, though, if you don't share his brand of crazyness), and one of the most intelligent people I've ever met was a girl who was almost paralyzed by social contact.
Anyway, I remain unconvinced that hereditary monarchy would lead to more intelligent rulers than democracy, in the long term.

What I would like to witness is an experiment in genuine geniocracy, tho. If intelligence is most important for ruling, then cut the BS and give power to those with highest IQ, most degrees..

But preferably in some other country first.  ;)
The reason it'd be hard would be that IQ is a lousy way of measuring extreme intelligence, and we don't really have anything better. The scale simply fails once one moves far enough from the center. It's good for diagnosing certain kind of mental disorders, but after a certain point, you can only say about a person's intelligence is that it's outside the range. Simply going by IQ would give you a president who is best at solving IQ tests. :) The only way this could work would be a democracy with an IQ threshold for voting and entering politics, which could be an improvement to status quo if the bar was set high enough.

Scientific degrees are probably a bad idea. Number of peer reviewed papers published or the number of citations aren't necessarily indicative of actually being good at what one does. If you do something obscure and publish in less than top-level journals, it's easy to attain both. I'm not convinced this would work without some sort of byzantine selection system.
Honestly, I think importance of government system and government as a whole is way overrated. Sure, a really incompetent and oppressive government can do a lot of damage. But if the government is half-decent, then it doesnt matter whether it is a democracy or a enlightened dictatorship or hereditary monarchy, left or right, whatever. At that point, with government out of the way, the end result will be determined by the national character of the people, culture, etc.

And if there is one thing democracy does great it is to consistently keep the government at least tolerable. In the end, that may be even more important for success than being ruled by a bunch of geniuses.
Democracy is good at keeping the government medicore until there's a crisis. Then it tends to come crashing down. Germany is a good example (and has already fallen to it once). Since the end of Allied occupation, it's been democratic and the governments were doing a decent, though not exceptional job. They've been working their way forward at a steady pace. The problem is, they now have to deal with refugee crisis, and the medicore government isn't doing a very good job at it (that would require a great government). This leads to people getting pissed off, and since the election cycle is a few years, this builds up as the government keeps maintaining status quo. Come the next elections, they're so pissed off that they're highly divided, which is exactly the wrong state for a democracy to be in, as I think we can all see.

When things are going well, people gravitate towards the center, with a compromising "live and let live" attitude. On the other hand, when they're not, they move towards extremes, the "us versus them" rhetoric starts to gain traction (a natural reaction where compromise appears impossible or undesirable). This leads to extremists getting elected, often by a small margin, but enough to take control. We've seen this thing back in the 30s, we see it now with Trump and extremist politicians in Europe. And as we've seen in the 30s, extremists like that can cause an order of magnitude more damage than any single king in history. The problem with democracy is that it means that anyone can potentially become the leader, including people you'd rather not see anywhere near politics.
MechCommander OmniTech / Re: Mech Commander Gold Campaigns
« Last post by RizZen on March 23, 2017, 05:08:25 pm »

I'm working on a 59 mission campaign merge of Xenocide, XRay & Turncoat at the moment.

Three little bugs need to add some warriors now to compensate the low pilot count in comparison of campaign length.

I have a 38 mission campaign with missions from all campaigns including one original mission from game working now.

Next days I plan to finish my first alpha mission list of 59 missions. Yeah still 21 missions left but I have already the longest campaign ever working on my place.

Campaign start

Mission 1 Reloaded

Basic mission


Mad Cat Gift in Mission 1, but u need luck to get it with tactics.

One of the early missions


Clist 1

Clist 2

Clist 3

Operation 3, Mission 10

Operation 2, Mission 13

Operation 1, Mission 15

Operation 3 mission 10

Operation 3 mission 10 in-game
General FreeSpace Discussion / Re: Disappearing Stars
« Last post by 0rph3u5 on March 23, 2017, 04:04:44 pm »
I first saw this thread title and I thought someone was asking for help with a script to make the stars go out, one by one.

That would make for a very creepy nightmare mission!

Which can be done with enough skyboxes and infinite memory :P (as you can change the skybox via SEXP)
The Aftermath: Reboot / Re: RELEASE: The Aftermath Reboot
« Last post by CT27 on March 23, 2017, 02:24:23 pm »
Just like you, I don't know how to post "spoiler" post so I will respond to through PM.

At the beginning of the text you want to hide you put (spoiler)  but with brackets instead of parentheses.
At the end of the text you want to hide you put (/spoiler)  but with brackets instead of parentheses.

Also, Herkie, I put another suggestion to the Avenger/"Dragon Slayer" situation in a PM earlier today.

  This one takes into account your suggestions about how Richter wouldn't disobey Command and allows for the blue Bhall to still come and rescue Richter.  I kind of explained it in the PM but I'll expand a bit here:
Instead of the Avenger, Command orders the Boreas cruisers there to self-destruct and tells Richter to jump out with the Avenger.  Even though I can defeat the Shivan ambush group that prompted this order you could have Command say that there's even more ships incoming and that the explosion will take them out.  If that one captured Shivan cruiser with subspace bombs exploding could literally wipe Capella off the map, I think this would be believable too.

After you hit alt+J to jump out, the in mission cutscene would have the Avenger slowly jumping out while the Boreas cruisers and Shivan ships exploded.  The next cutscene would have the Avenger (instead of the escape pod) drifting in space and Richter would comment (instead of the green text in the upper left of the screen, this would be the blue text near the middle of the screen that happens when the player character is talking to him/herself) that somehow the blast damaged the Avenger in subspace and that he doesn't know how long he has left to live.

The blue Bhall ship would then come in and transport the Avenger (like it did to the escape pod) to Gamma Draconis.  I think this would be a good compromise because this way you would still get the appearance of the mysterious ship and people speculating on how cool Richter is for surviving like you wanted and I could get the Avenger surviving and flying in the final cutscene with the fleet like I'd wish like the previous "The Aftermath" had.  It would also lead to further speculation from GTVA people on how this ship must have been alien to survive which could tie into the sequel you've talked about in the past.  The debriefing could say it would be too damaged to fight in "The Final Confrontation" but we could buy it would be flight capable for the credits ending cutscene.  Maybe in the sequel you could have people dismantle or study this decommisioned ship to study it and try to create a uniquely "Terran" Avenger?

Like I said in the PM, I'd be willing to write a script for this new version if you'd like to see it.
MechCommander OmniTech / Re: MCO 628
« Last post by RustyDios on March 23, 2017, 01:41:35 pm »
Loving the GUI visual style and current stability of this release Magic. Not too keen on the blue colour, I might change it.
Also well done on cutting out all the "dead weight" files. The MechLab/Mission Screens etc all look amazing. I still think the entire game needs to be "mirrored" though, it should be available on the left > purchased/set on the right (minor grievance with the layout since MC2). The loading screen looks completely odd. Mine is just a blank black screen, did the new loading screen images get put in yet?

 Working fine so far on Windows 10 with no crashes.

Great work... finally MCO is playable for me again :)
Now to continue (re-building) my campaign... just after I play through Exodus again... ...
Gaming Discussion / Re: Looking for a capable Windows 7 gaming laptop
« Last post by Spoon on March 23, 2017, 01:37:40 pm »
Hey, thanks a bunch! I am Dutch, I just can't read it. :P I'll get google to give me a passable translation.

EDIT: I checked this out, and it gave me a whole bunch of ideas. Thanks a ton, Spoon!  :D
Glad it was of use  :)
Gaming Discussion / Re: What are you playing right now?
« Last post by Phantom Hoover on March 23, 2017, 01:20:17 pm »
The story is an unbelievable trainwreck tbqh, I think it's honestly killed the franchise again.
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