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Wings of Dawn / Re: Wings of Dawn Lore
« Last post by Spoon on April 26, 2017, 08:44:35 am »
In addition to Enioch already excellent explanation, capitalships can also increase the size of their bubble to some extend (at the cost of a higher power consumption of course) to aid in the flexibility of these kind of formations. (For those of you who have played Earth defense force, I'm sure you can attest to the annoyance of overlapping shield bubbles!)

This is not a formation for green or undisciplined fleets to assume.
Because then it'd end up looking something like this.

I think system entry chokepoints are a road block in telling a story. Getting rid of them I think is a boon for any campaign except perhaps one where the opposition is overwhelming so it's then a big help to stop that overwhelming opposition.
Exactly. That was a thing I was kind of struggling with for a while when coming up with WoD RE's plotline. Its pretty limiting to have a starlance basically be a locked door, unless you drive a tank through it. It limits the story to either having one side invade a system enmass or not at all. Establish a bunch of powerful static defenses at the starlance and the attacker wouldn't stand a chance of achieving a breakthrough without being completely crippled from the resulting battle.
So when Enioch and I, were bouncing some ideas back and forth about the workings of the WoDverse, it was very convenient for me that Enioch solved that particular storytelling roadblock with logical thinking and good words. While making perfect sense in the established workings of WoD's subspace.

Iirc in old WoD the Hierarchy just threw Nordera capital ships by the hundreds at starlances until they made a hole. :P
Indeed they did. Quite a fireworks display really. (Spoiler, that's still the preferred Nordera way of making an entry)
Wings of Dawn / Re: Wings of Dawn Lore
« Last post by Lorric on April 26, 2017, 07:30:06 am »
Thanks again. Makes sense now. :nod:
The FRED Workshop / Re: Transition an effect from every-time to when
« Last post by 0rph3u5 on April 26, 2017, 07:03:24 am »
Any updates on the glow-maps issue? - Do I need to provide the test mission again?
Mjn.Mixael's Render Boutique / Re: [Requests] The Lost Generation - Ashcroft
« Last post by 0rph3u5 on April 26, 2017, 06:55:36 am »
Any updates?

I am aiming for a new exact release window (not telling publicly yet), and would like to know if the animations will be ready in time (they don't have to).
Wings of Dawn / Re: Wings of Dawn Lore
« Last post by Enioch on April 26, 2017, 06:49:25 am »
Thanks for that Enioch.

You're welcome.  ;)

French's formation would seem to be the harder to pull off and yielded the better results. However, I'm unable to visualise why it was better. The whole thing was over in a few seconds, so there wouldn't have been much time for movement, and I would have thought staying still would have improved the accuracy of the point defences both from being stationary and from not having to worry about moving friendlies.

There are several ways to move in such situations. Those include rolling the ship around to spread out the strain on the ship emitters; having the escorting destroyers nudge around to intercept specific torpedoes on their shields (and spare the capital's shields for where it's more important); or move out of the way to uncover specific PD batteries on the escorted capital ship. A single torpedo getting through can make a difference and having a Lord roll ninety degrees or having a destroyer nudge a few dozen metres to the side to catch a slip-through missile on her shields can be critical.

It is much harder to pull off, because of the exact reasons you've noted; but note that the CRF PD network is organised on a fleet level. The minutiae of taking into account the motions of the ships are mostly automated. The Admiral and his Knights have to a) trust in their weapons to not fail them (a big thing in the CRF 'Knightly' way of thinking) and b) handle the ballet of all the little ship motions that will truly optimise their performance. Some don't risk (b). Some do. It can backfire.

And also the shields would get a power boost from using the power not being used on the engines.

It has been established that WoD ships have reaction thruster tech for small-scale maneuvers. In such cases, power drain is minimal.
FS2 Open Coding - The Source Code Project (SCP) / Re: Release: 3.8.0-RC1
« Last post by niffiwan on April 26, 2017, 06:48:05 am »
Since we moved to cmake I don't think we'll be providing .sln files directly any more. You'll need to create them with cmake which shouldn't be too hard.... although I must admit our doco for building on Windows is a bit... missing  :nervous:

I guess the main is pretty up to date:
Getting Started / Re: Newbie Question
« Last post by niffiwan on April 26, 2017, 06:43:39 am »
I'd pick wxLauncher, that's probably an install file you've got there so run that, then once installed run wxLauncher itself, point it at the location you installed Freespace2 to (and presumably the same directory the installer put everything), pick a FS2_OPEN executable (3.7.4) and that's probably about it.

If you want to run the recently released FS2_OPEN 3.8.0 RC1, then you'll need to download & install wxLaucher 0.12 instead. The main draw card of that version would be even prettier graphics, but the downside is that it hasn't seen the same level of testing & bugfixing that 3.7.4 has.
FS2 Open Coding - The Source Code Project (SCP) / Re: Release: 3.8.0-RC1
« Last post by Captain toot toot on April 26, 2017, 06:39:13 am »
Hey guys.  Amazing job on this project.  When will 3.8 be released with the .sln files for vis studio?  The last I could find was 3.7.3 with solution files.  I don't know anything about cmake and the version on github can only be built using cmake right?
Getting Started / Re: Newbie Question
« Last post by Javert on April 26, 2017, 06:35:14 am »
Thanks for the quick reply.

Sorry for the silly question, but when you say "Run the launcher", which one?

In my install directory I have
Gaming Discussion / Re: What are you playing right now?
« Last post by RangerKarl on April 26, 2017, 06:23:45 am »
I tried War Thunder for the first time and now I can't stop playing it. I really love how there is this realistic damage model instead of a measly HP Bar.

Hm, maybe the subsystem based damage system can also be used in a Freespace mod...

But for now, I'm too busy shooting Nazis out of the air to test that theory.

I mourn for your time lost ;_;

Speaking of time killers, flying the Black Shark again. Can't keep her straight but I can cold start her pretty reliably.
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