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Woah, hi Snail

[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them


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Welcome back Snail, glad I'm not to only one who decided to come back.

I'll be sure to do my part for the Freespace 2 resurgence. Expect some new content soon.


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Umm... Hi. It's Snail. I'm hoping a few people remember me. It's been a while. About once every year I decide to have a look at that one website I used to visit literally every day and... Man, it's always weird. My life has changed so damn much since I stopped coming, but this place is always still here (with the exact same front page and forum interface). It seems like nothing at all has changed, everything's just gotten slower. Which I guess is the issue being addressed in this thread. The new home page looks great and I really hope the social media stuff gains some traction. I'll add that I think Reddit's a good place to start if we want to draw new people in. And that standalone things like Wings of Dawn or TCs based on existing IPs like Fate of the Galaxy seem like a great way to gain some mass appeal for exposure.

Honestly, I don't really have much input other than that, and I don't want to derail the thread with my nostalgia or anything, so I'll just add some general positivity and good vibes: I'm really ****ing glad you guys are still here. This game and these forums were such a huge part of my life and some of my best memories are of me in my bedroom or at my grandma's house playing Inferno and Blue Planet and of course ****posting on these forums (or embarrassing myself on IRC). It seems like a different world to me now, but as long as HLP is around it's never really gone. I hope that's always the case. While I'm saddened to see that things have slowed down significantly compared to the scene 4-6 years ago, I'm really glad that you guys are actively working on it. I've always been in total awe of how uniquely intelligent and hardworking the community here has been, and based on that alone I'm confident there's a way to breathe some life back into this place. I'm not sure if I'm in a position to contribute to the great FreeSpace resurgence of 2017 myself, but I'll just say I wish you all the best. Love you guys. :D

Holy **** you're alive


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Snail!  Hi!  I've always wondered if / when you'd come back.  :)  Great to see you!


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Yes, I am alive. It's good to see all of you too. :P


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Knossos is a Steam / GoG Galaxy style combined launcher... [snip]

I don't post on the forums much, but I come here for the Highlights, to see what has been released. THIS IS AWESOME. DO IT.  I urge that HLP runs with this, feature a "web version" of this on the HLP front page, similar to that seen at if you need a case example, integrate Knossos and your HLP Forum Account. But don't require people make accounts to download. I try to get my friends to get something and they're often like "oh god another launcher **** this" or "I don't want to make an account **** this".

In short, HLP: Mods, Assets, Music, etc, all tabbed, with nice images, a working search, hash tags to categorize by type (Serious, Humor, Anime, etc), all with download buttons, description of license type / credit requirements, etc. Then have a Community section with links to the Forums, Discord, etc etc. Put the Content up front, community second.

I should caution that if you all succeed in getting HLP more "visible," HLP will have an increased chance of getting hit by a Lawsuit/C&DGreen#Home for some of its hosted mods' use of copyrighted or trademarked material; e.g. BP's use of copyrighted commercial music (Origa comes to mind) and the Starfox mods/content assets. Nintendo in particular is extremely aggressive about nuking fangames (Metroid AM2R comes to mind). Hell, even Doom the Roguelike was smashed down by Bethesda recently; they had to rename themselves to "DRL".

My biggest problem with getting new people (OR MYSELF) to play FreeSpace is the annoyance of setting it up. Gamers these days are lazy, I myself am spoiled rotten by how easy it is to set up more modern games. Especially in multiplayer (which, after fixing netcode, could really benefit from the ability for dedicated servers to change maps on the fly, run with AI bots as "players" when none are available, and other modern features).