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Been working on and off on this one for awhile. Diffuse map is now done (though the AO bake is still yet to be added)! Glow and shine shouldn't take too long, nor glow, but making LoDs and Debris will be a few days at best.

This thing is designed to be around 450m long - large by cruiser standards, but less powerful and with less endurance (i.e. ammunition for its missile turrets). They're meant to be patrol vessels - if you come across a situation you can't handle, you have the tools to defend yourself with your missiles and fighters, and tie down your enemies with your railguns while heavier help is scrambled through subspace.

The idea is that these are a significantly older design than the Fenris or the Titans, hence the different engines, and the fact that the engines are so far back on the model - the idea is that they emit dangerous radiation, so they have to be a certain distance from the crew when in use. Later in the war, the GTA will improve their engine design, and the Jupiters will be refit, filling in the space between the engines and the main hull. This will allow two things - a little bit more energy, allowing plasma turrets (then brand new tech) to be mounted, but primarily it will allow a lot more space for the crew - these things are really unpleasant to serve on - people, machines and ammunition are all packed together far tighter than on a Fenris or a Titan, making them very unpopular assignments.

Obviously, the model is very heavily inspired by Aldo's Piranha Cutter, and the Fenris-esque retexture that was done for Inferno, but it's not really a HTL of either model - its much bigger, and the fighterbay is new.

As usual with Frontlines stuff, as soon as it's finished it will be released. The Mk 2 variant isn't required for the current Frontlines campaign, but it will be eventually, so I'll get around to it before too long... hopefully.

[EDIT]Oh, the funky stretched UV map on the side will be a nameplate in the final model, but P3d only allows one texture unless you pay. Probably should have deleted the poly, but no big deal.
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Update: The LoDs and debris are finished, the model is ingame and looking good. I've noticed some minor UV tweaks that need to be made, and there's still tabling to do, but broadly speaking it works, it shoots, all is well.

Unfortunately, I built this thing with call bad information. 100% my own fault, of course - I built it on the assumption that two key elements to make the rear fins work right were in the engine (look_at functionality and an animation trigger that works when a ship is moving, and not just when it's using an afterburner), but it turns out I should have done my research before I started, because that functionality doesn't currently exist. I've made some inquiries about how likely it is to get added in to the engine, but I'm uncomfortable releasing this without the functionality (or with the full functionality, but before the engine has it). For now, while I wait to see how that plays out, this one might have to remain unreleased - for a little while anyway. If it looks like the functionality I need isn;t going to be added in a timely fashion, I'll do a stripped down build and get it released that way.
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A script could trigger the animation whenever the speed of the ship goes above a certain threshold. I think that could work around the engine limitation until that is implemented.


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If you're familiar with animation code, this script should help you out (adapted from my own engine glow manager):

Code: [Select]
#Conditional Hooks

$Application: FS2_Open

$On Game Init: [
   JupiterFinCache = {}
   JUPITER = "GTFg Jupiter" --change this if you rename the ship!

$On Mission Start: [
   JupiterFinCache = {}

$On Frame: [
   local numShips = #mn.Ships
   for i=1, numShips do
      local ship = mn.Ships[i]
      if ship:isValid() then
         if ship.Class.Name == JUPITER then
            local signature = ship:getSignature()
            local thrust = ship.Physics.ForwardThrust
            local engines = (thrust > FIN_ACTIVE_THRESHOLD)
            if engines ~= (JupiterFinCache[signature] or false) then
               ship:triggerAnimation("scripted", 0, engines)
               JupiterFinCache[signature] = engines