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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Played through this and this was really great.  Had a lot of fun.

More of a technical question.  I took a look at some of the missions and the Fiction Briefing section.   What song is Fiction 3?  The really somber one, can't get it out of my head and wanted to ask.  Also I tried looking but I didn't see a music file in your VP so I dunno where it's pulling it from.
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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Hello and thank you for your kind words.

I'm sorry but I don't know the answer. The mod is based on Blue Planet, that's also where most of the songs are coming from. I just took it from the drop down menu when I created the missions and liked the song, too. When you have a look at the Wiki entry about Blue Planet, you can see that Belisarius is responsible for the music of the mod. So maybe ask him :)



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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Fiction 3 is "War in Heaven" by Belisarius and yes it is a great track.

Probably my favourite one done by him.


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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Finally started my playthrough. So far, after first mission I found no significant bugs. Good narrative, decent character development and good balance are worth mentioning. Definitly something worth to continue playing :).
Also I remember I played it before. Did you release any demo or something like this before? I'm not sure.

And new version is up. I'll update and keep going!
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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Yes, he did release a demo. It was about 4 or 5 missions long.
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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Hey, thanks for your feedback. Yes, the first 5-6 mission were already released in a WIP-thread (though without finishing touch), but on the story-side I didn't change much in them.


Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Ok, seriously.  Not enough people are paying attention to this campaign.  NOT.  NEARLY.  ENOUGH.

This was seriously good, bomb3rman!  I love a good story, and this campaign had that in spades.  You really thought out each of the characters in detail, and it made for a very immersive experience.  I also really liked having to work with a more restricted set of equipment and have to get inventive to make good use of it.  We've gotten used to battles where cruisers are tossed in as chaff of minor consequence while the heavy hitters do their business.  In this campaign, with no Super Destroyers or SSJs breaking down the door, it felt a lot more like every ship mattered.  Every loss mattered, even down to a lousy Apollo!  But I never felt like my wings were clipped, either.

There was one mission that seemed to glitch a bit for me.  The one where the Invictus first appears and Sid dies.  For some reason, two tracks of music were playing simultaneously.  And the first time I played it, I was shooting the crap out of one of the boarding pods, but it was having no effect at all.  The double music problem never went away, but the invincible boarding pod thing went away after I rebooted FSO.

What surprised me even more was how effectively your writing style dovetailed into that of Blue Planet.  I was honestly expecting the difference to be kind of jarring.  To me, at least, it wasn't at all.  It fits really well with what's already been released.

Just, everyone stop what you are doing and PLAY THIS CAMPAIGN!  You can thank me latter.:yes: :yes: :yes:
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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Wow, thank you for your kind words  :cool:

The boarding-pod issue is strange, I never experienced this... Maybe it was a one-time problem, since no one else mentioned this before.

The double-music problem is already known, I now realised it, too. Maybe it has to do with the red-alert status of the mission. Since I'm trying to get into the ship-save-script right now, I might change the mission to be not "red alert" in a future update so the problem will be solved then. But thank you for telling me.