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We prepared this thread to keep all the materials in one place, just like BP did :P. All the articles, models, additional downloads will be present here. The list will be extended as the time goes on.

Note that not all of the stuff here is from Into the Dark Waters. We released also models planned for future acts due to various reasons. The most important one is simple: We don't want to keep them exclusive :P.

- Post Great-War Solar System Forum FSWiki

Model Releases:
- Earth Federated Nations - Evangelist Cruiser Release Thread FSWiki
- Earth Federated Nations - Solomon Frigate Release Thread FSWiki
- Earth Federated Nations - Sabre Fighter Release Thread FSWiki
- Outer Rim Syndicate - Pluto Gas Tanker Release Thread FSWiki
- Outer Rim Syndicate - Tychicus FrigateRelease Thread FSWiki [Old download, probably incomplete]
- Shivans - Raguel Cruiser Release Thread FSWiki
- Shivans - Scylla Frigate Release Thread FSWiki

ORFA Agneya - Development Thread FSWiki
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