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Mjn Travels to Europe in 2018
I've mentioned before that I sing with a barbershop style chorus. These guys. Next year in late May we are headlining the international qualifying contest in the UK, Harrogate to be exact. After that we are performing as a guest feature in Stockholm.

My wife and I are planning our trip so that we have a couple days before the Harrogate stuff starts and a few days after the Stockholm show to visit a few other destinations in Europe. We estimate we'll have time for 3-4 cities, but that really depends on distances and travel time between them.

So for those of you who live over there or have traveled... what destinations do you suggest? Additionally, I'm open to meeting some of the European HLPers if our destinations happen to be in your area! My wife thinks that's super nerdy of me and rolled her eyes, but I don't care. Some of us have been working together on this game for like 10 years or more.. so yeah. That.

Our current interests keep landing us in Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence, Berlin, or possibly Greece. We've briefly talked about Cyprus as well, but that's quite a bit further from the mainland.
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Re: Mjn Travels to Europe in 2018
If 2018 wasn't set aside for my M.A.-degree I would relish the opportunity to meet you in Berlin ... but if you need some travel advise for the city, I would be happy to help!
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Re: Mjn Travels to Europe in 2018
Hmm, your interest don't really align with mine, as I would have suggested Ireland, Iceland and the ardennes forest in Belgium  :). But if europe's old cities are what pulls you here, you can't go wrong with Italy, and especially Rome. If there, be sure to visit the San Clemente: It's a relatively small church in the middle of Rome, but aside from being an old catholic church it also contains an archeological digsite within it's walls, in which you'll find an older 4th century church and a temple dedicated to Mithras. It was the highlight for me when I visited Rome along with Ostia Antica, the remarkebly well preserved remains of an old Roman harbour. And, well, there's the Vatican with it's cathedral! And there's the frescoes by Michelangelo and ... there's simply too much stuff in Rome ;). Vatican can be a bit busy though, for obvious reasons.

Re: Mjn Travels to Europe in 2018
Rome definitely gets my endorsement: out of all the citytrips I've made around Europe, this easily ranks #1. There's just such an incredible amount of history there, it almost feels like you're time travelling just walking through the city. And, of course, the food is A-1 super ;)
My #2 would be Istanbul - for all the same reasons as Rome, but with much more of an Arabic influence - I found it fascinating to see the differences and similarities when comparing with, say, Rome or Paris (which rounds off my top 3 - although it's very expensive, it's a gorgeous city with several weeks' worth of things to see and do).

I must admit being a little disappointed in Athens; I was hoping it would be similar to Rome, but instead it's basically a modern city (and not a very pretty one, at that) with a few sites of interest. If you only have a few places to visit, I feel you could spend the time better elsewhere.

Re: Mjn Travels to Europe in 2018
Athens got shot to smithereens a few times IIRC.