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Strange signals from Ross 128 !!!!
Anyone heard about this and have an opinion? Is it Shivans or the Vasudans?

Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard disk?
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Re: Strange signals from Ross 128 !!!!

Lieutenant Ash: Oh God! They're following me. Mayday! This is Lieutenant Ash on Terran patrol, wing Gamma three-niner reporting. Taken heavy damage. Requesting immediate fighter cover and rescue. Come in, anybody! Mayday! Requesting immediate assistance! Anyone please?!

Riviera Tech: Barely receiving you, Gamma three-niner, this is Terran outpost Riviera responding. What is your situation?

Lieutenant Ash: Oh thank God! My wing was ambushed. We didn't have a chance. I'm sure they're tracking me.

Riviera Tech: Calm down, sir. Who attacked you? Was it the Shivans?

Lieutenant Ash: Shivans were killed, too. They slaughtered everyone.

Riviera Tech: Sir, you have to calm down. You were attacked by Shivans, is that true?

Lieutenant Ash: No! No! We were in a skirmish with a Shivan patrol and they just came out of nowhere and killed everyone.

Riviera Tech: Who came out of nowhere, pilot?

Lieutenant Ash: I don't know. They weren't Vasudan and they weren't Shivan. Oh God. They had these invisible green ships. And they just appeared, like... their weapons were too much. They wasted everyone.

Riviera Tech: Pilot, sit tight! We're sending recovery craft right now.

Lieutenant Ash: Send fighters! I... I know they're following me. Send everything you've have now!

Riviera Tech: Sir, I don't have anyone else on scope. You're home free. It's going to be alright.

Lieutenant Ash: No it isn't! You don't understand! You weren't there...
Lieutenant Ash: I can feel them following me.
Lieutenant Ash: Oh my god. I'm dead! We're all dead!

Riviera Tech: Picking up unknown ships, just... appearing on sensors.  No jump signatures detected.
Riviera Tech: Scramble the fighters!

Lieutenant Ash: It's too late. Oh God!

Riviera Tech: What the hell is that?

Lieutenant Ash: Aaaaargghhhhhh!

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Re: Strange signals from Ross 128 !!!!
Anyone heard about this and have an opinion? Is it Shivans or the Vasudans?

Some Nazi UFO (also known as GTI ships) that will lure the Shivans in the first place ;).
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Re: Strange signals from Ross 128 !!!!
Lost mysterons if you ask me.


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Re: Strange signals from Ross 128 !!!!
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Re: Strange signals from Ross 128 !!!!


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Re: Strange signals from Ross 128 !!!!
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Re: Strange signals from Ross 128 !!!!
Welp, we're boned.