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I found some few errors in my "Mefistofele"-Playthrough.

In "Shell Game"in the 2nd Command Briefing Stage the CBAnim reads "recieved" instead "received".
In the same mission in the last stage, it also happens, that the enemies attack TC 1-24 and so abort the pursuit of yourself. You can use this moment to blow up the whole gang, because the enemies gather around the container, until this crate gets destroyed.

Also the Mako turns around directly after the death of the initial 10 pursuers, which does not make sense... because it happens before the second wave abort the pursuit and jump out and before the whole Sensoranomaly thing.
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I'm having a problem with a mission.

Corrida de Toros: After the Cardinal shows up, the game crashes as soon as Ozymandias says "permit you the Sirius jump node".

This occurs for me on 3.7.5 SSE2, 3.7.4 SSE2, and 3.74 Debug SSE2. There is no error message dialog from the debug build on the crash, and the fs2_open.log doesn't look very revealing to me (I've attached it, though).

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm really looking forward to experiencing the campaign.

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I'm having a problem with a mission.

Figured this one out myself! Apparently my binaries were old. My 3.7.4 was actually a pre-final build, and what my launcher lists as 3.7.5 was an old nightly.


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In "Hammer's Edict":

Could not find index 'Name' in type 'asteroid'

ADE Debug:
Name:      (null)
Name of:   (null)
Function type:   (null)
Defined on:   0
Upvalues:   0

Source:      (null)
Short source:   
Current line:   0
- Function line:   0


stack traceback:
   [C]: ?
   [string "shipsaveload-sct.tbm - On Game Init"]:223: in function 'cpsp'
   [string "?"]:1: in main chunk

1: Userdata [asteroid]
2: String [Name]

Dismissing the error let the mission proceed without further issue.


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Crashing on 'Shell Game'. No idea why. Started with yesterday's nightly, had no issues before.

First log is where I usually crash.

Second, I have no idea what happened there. Only occured once.

I have a checkpoint from the time I got through Mako's jump,  but that too crashes several seconds in. Another weird thing happened that time. I jumped out, entered subspace, exited, but the skybox kept spinning subspace-y, I couldn't move and i was nowhere near the Mako. No log though.

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Don't use a nightly build with BtA. It's incompatible.
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Oh. I got through... half of BtA with a nightly last year. But thanks, I'll 3.7.4 it.
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Re: BtA Bug Report Thread
Mission: The Texas Seven

there is the point that all alpha wing gets disabled and you have to type a special order to the ship system.
At this point the mission got stuck. I cant type a blank and it doesnt matter what i type in. Nothing happens

- 3.7.4. SSE2
- no mission skipped

Actually, i can confirm this error.

This whole terminal thing, seems to have problems if you play Freespace 2 in another language.

With the english setting it works without problems. And you have to type Y for Z on an QWERTZ-Keyboard.
If you play the game in another language with the related font file, german for example: Backspace, Spacebar and Enter do not work and so you can not continue with the mission.

Because i am doing a translation into german of this whole campaign, it takes so long for me to get to this mission... and so to encounter this error.

So the error seems to be an incompatiblity in the terminal-sct.tbm for other languages or something like that... but i did not dig into this file for a closer look for such things, yet.
Maybe you have to allow/consider the additional characters of the other languages in this file to get this thing working. But that is only a guess at the moment.


I was able to fix it.
If you use a different language, the Keys in the terminal-sct.tbm have to use the same name that Freespace 2 uses for them in the selected language.

For a german language setting it is for example "Leertaste", "R├╝cktaste" and "Eingabe" instead of "Spacebar", "Backspace" and "Enter".
So you need a unique terminal-sct.tbm for every language you use.
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Re: BtA Bug Report Thread
That really sounds like an engine bug. IMO it would make the most sense to always expose the English name to the script. I'll see what I can do about that.

EDIT: I submitted the required changes:
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