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FreeSpace Discussion / Re: The Freespace Campaign Journey [Many Spoilers]
« Last post by Nightmare on July 18, 2018, 12:34:03 pm »
You should do BTA next.
I would recommend at some point doing "Destiny Of Peace".
You're forgetting "Silent Threat: Reborn".

Well, I'd guess Cyborg17 knows these campaigns and can decide on his own what to write about next. :D
FreeSpace Discussion / Re: The Freespace Campaign Journey [Many Spoilers]
« Last post by Trivial Psychic on July 18, 2018, 12:24:59 pm »
You're forgetting "Silent Threat: Reborn".
Scripting Releases / Re: Axem's Script & Lua SEXP Collection
« Last post by Nightmare on July 18, 2018, 12:06:15 pm »
Would it be possible to extend the scripting to other authors as well? Axem made a lot of fine scripts, but there are others too. Most scripting examples on the wiki are broken AFAIK, and the scripting release board is too chaotic to be sure to get the latest (or even only a working) version. To show what I mean, I made that Ships DB from all FS related community-made ships, not only those from Esarai or Nyctaeus.  Single source seems more useful than many tiny.
Scripting Releases / Re: Axem's Script & Lua SEXP Collection
« Last post by Novachen on July 18, 2018, 10:35:54 am »
Well, i think, that it is possible, that i will report issues sometimes  :D
FreeSpace Discussion / Re: The Freespace Campaign Journey [Many Spoilers]
« Last post by 0rph3u5 on July 18, 2018, 08:28:06 am »
If you will play Rain On Ribos 4, Hellgate: Ikeya, or Light of Antares soon, drop me a line and I'll get you the updated versions (yet unreleased)
come off it luis, he lied through his teeth about multiplayer

The update coming out next week will have multiplayer

I'm willing to cut HelloGames a lot of slack because they definitely sat down and started plugging away at the game to make it into what they promised it to be. For a time after launch, they looked like the next Peter Molyneuxs, always overpromising and always underdelivering, but unlike Molyneux, they actually started delivering.

That doesn't excuse their overpromising to sell the game, of course. But there's a vast difference here between No Man's Sky and SC: NMS was, at launch, a playable game that people could enjoy and has since become more of a game. SC, to this day, isn't even that.
FreeSpace & FreeSpace Open Support / Re: Intalling and the intaller
« Last post by The E on July 18, 2018, 07:16:57 am »
And Knossos is the definitely preferred solution.
Mission & Campaign Releases / Re: RELEASE: Homesick, a 30+ mission campaign
« Last post by GhylTarvoke on July 18, 2018, 05:32:41 am »
Pretty sure I cheated on that mission. It felt like a huge difficulty spike.
I know Homesick is an old, old campaign, but I'd never finished it and sat down to take a crack at it last week. 

I'm completely stuck on Tactical Withdrawal.  I replayed Return to Oz a bunch of times until I managed to make the Mammon run away before it turns on the Custodian and Shield, and got them both out of there with over 60% hull and even with Beta 3 still alive (in addition to the invincible wingmen with lines), but there's just too many damned bombers.  I can't possibly kill them all before they take down one or both of the ships, or their massive fighter escort kills me.  I might be able to do it outside a nebula, but the background being the same color as the lead indicator combined with five or six fighters on my ass whenever I line up to kill a bomber are making it nearly impossible to get anywhere.  Any ideas?  Should I replay Return to Oz and use a Herc, maybe?  I tried that a couple of times, but found it too slow to actually do well in the first mission even if it would serve me better in the second. 

Edit: With the Shield starting the mission at 65% hull, the bombers kill it under two minutes in.  If I stay on them long enough to actually kill any of them, the Herc2s kill me.  I just don't know what to do. 
Diaspora / Re: libpbg12-dev
« Last post by UbuntuPC on July 18, 2018, 01:58:41 am »
Even though the README said it wasn't needed, I did download the freespace2 wxlauncher thing. The client for that fires up with zero problems. I'm going to tweak the settings a bit and see if I can get it pointed in the right direction. We'll see how it goes.

That fixed it! Downloading the freespace2-launcher-wxlauncher, launching it, then pointing it at the Diaspora PS2Open that we created did the trick. This game is beautiful. Granted, keyboard madness, but visually stunning, great dialogue so far. Looking forward to delving waist-deep into it.
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