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Arcadia Under Construction [RELEASE]
HTL Arcadia? Check.

Way cool modular girders? Check.

Put them together and what do you get?


Works as an obstacle course for getting the best exercise!

Additionally, it also makes for explodey eye candy!

You must have the full HTL Arcadia in your mod pack... or at least it's textures.

Place the Constructo-Cadia in your mission. Then place both girder chunks. This part is easier in a text editor, but do it how you wish. Simply match the position and orientation of the girder chunks to that of the Constructo-Cadia exactly. Everything will line up neatly.

For extra 'WOW', replace 'Arcadia_01-glow' with 'ANTArcadia_01-glow'.

Be sure to check back to the BtA board often. Because, hey, we release stuff!

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Re: Arcadia Under Construction [RELEASE]


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Re: Arcadia Under Construction [RELEASE]
All the way from 'Neat' to 'Awesome'
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Re: Arcadia Under Construction [RELEASE]
[16:57] <CommanderDJ> What prompted the decision to split WiH into acts?
[16:58] <battuta> it was long, we wanted to release something
[16:58] <battuta> it felt good to have a target to hit
[17:00] <RangerKarl> not sure if talking about strike mission, or jerking off
[17:00] <CommanderDJ> WUT
[17:00] <CommanderDJ> hahahahaha
[17:00] <battuta> hahahaha
[17:00] <RangerKarl> same thing really, if you think about it


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Re: Arcadia Under Construction [RELEASE]


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Re: Arcadia Under Construction [RELEASE]

p.s. got pulled in from the newsletter page.
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Re: Arcadia Under Construction [RELEASE]
I agree with any and all images on this page.