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Between the Ashes / Re: Scaling up HUD size
« Last post by DefCynodont119 on October 18, 2017, 10:08:13 pm »
Dangit! I actually made a scale-able version of the BtA hud for my own use but did not think to post about it.

(Yes, BtA uses it's own HUD gauge tables.)

Put this in the BtA mod folder under /data/tables

this turns on HUD scaling, but makes some changes as the original did not scale correctly.

@Mjn.mixael could you sticky/post this link/file somewhere for anyone else who may want to use it? thanks.

hope this helps.   ;)
The Scroll of Atankharzim / Re: RELEASE: The Scroll of Atankharzim, Part I
« Last post by General Battuta on October 18, 2017, 10:01:44 pm »
I'm surprised as well. :sigh:

We do know a lot of people play the mods; FSMods regularly gets 3 TB of traffic per month.  But it appears that those who download and play are not necessarily those who post on the forum.

What's it about, like what is the poster slogan, the log line, beyond 'Vasudans'
The Scroll of Atankharzim / Re: Unconstructive criticism
« Last post by Nyctaeus on October 18, 2017, 07:52:48 pm »
I was waiting for fixes and recent version is fully enjoyable. Debugging a mod of Scroll size is hard task and require lots of time. This is direct reason why Exile is still sitting on my HD waiting for release from about a year.

No matter how much time it takes to fix a mod, it still fully depends of mod leader when he want to release the project. I think Scroll should be released as "public beta" or something like that when it was actually released, but this is only my opinion. Whatever is driving mod leader to release or not release their project in this particular time... Well, it's not my problem and not a problem of anybody else. I play, I enjoy so I respect time and patience authors put in this. And respect for authors obligates me to respect their reasons, no matter how strange it may be for me.

And I strongly advise you Spoon, to respect this too. What you actually posted is actually not constructive at all, but arrogant in the simplest meaning of this word. Not helpful for Scroll, it's authors and community at all.
The Scroll of Atankharzim / Re: Unconstructive criticism
« Last post by CT27 on October 18, 2017, 07:23:56 pm »
I did this too Goober so I'm not singling you out, but we were critiqued a while ago in the BWO thread for critiquing the direction of that campaign (saying it could have been released by now for example) but we didn't critique Raven personally did we?

Another point on this matter:  perhaps there's more reports on bug activity because every time there is a new one, it needs a post.  On the other hand, when it comes to praise for a campaign it only really needs to be done once doesn't it?  (For example if I liked the campaign despite finding say three bugs...that would be one 'good' post and three 'negative' ones)
Exile / Re: Exile - News
« Last post by Nyctaeus on October 18, 2017, 07:17:20 pm »
2 weeks went already and no release :P
Already o__O? Well, time is going on so fast...

We're in the middle of adding stuff to techroom. Campaign is ready. Still, we want to add lots of intel to give ya folks something to read. Actually a lot :P
The Modding Workshop / Re: What are you working on?
« Last post by Nyctaeus on October 18, 2017, 07:14:02 pm »
Blade is cool. Blade needs HTL. NuBlade is cool. Amen.
The Scroll of Atankharzim / Re: Unconstructive criticism
« Last post by Goober5000 on October 18, 2017, 07:05:55 pm »
You are clearly confusing snark with contradistinction.  Do show me where I've posted in either the WoD release thread or the WoD II Dev thread, without having played any of it, disparaging the quality of the mod or the character of the mod's creator.
The Scroll of Atankharzim / Re: Unconstructive criticism
« Last post by Thisisaverylongusername on October 18, 2017, 06:43:48 pm »
If this sort of contemptible belittling and snarking is what you think passes for playing and commenting on other mods, I have no desire to follow your example.

You just have.  :p
The Modding Workshop / Re: What are you working on?
« Last post by Trivial Psychic on October 18, 2017, 06:10:00 pm »
Cool!  A remake of a remake.
FreeSpace Discussion / Re: Screencap Contest - October 2017
« Last post by Axem on October 18, 2017, 05:48:24 pm »
Is this theme 2spoopy4HLP?
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