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Blue Planet / Re: The Blue Planet Oracle (full BP2/3 spoilers within!)
« Last post by GhylTarvoke on July 23, 2018, 05:04:47 am »
Been out of the loop for a while. Here's what I've gathered:

Through evolution and self-improvement, life tends to produce more intelligent life. With greater intelligence comes greater self-awareness. Unfortunately, all such paths of enlightenment, regardless of their starting points, converge to the same godlike entity at the highest level of cognition: the Great Darkness. The ultimate dead end.

The Great Darkness is the pinnacle of self-awareness. It exists to ponder its own existence. It acts as a sort of black hole in the Nagari network, enlightening (assimilating) all life forms that discover it. A life form capable of recognizing the danger is already doomed, because to comprehend the Great Darkness is to become a part of it. The only universes not consumed by this "thought cancer" are those that contain the Shivans.

The Shivans are a property of all interesting universes - a cosmic immune system that culls civilizations before they produce the Great Darkness. Due to constant internal conflict, large-scale Shivan behavior is chaotic and diversified, allowing them to adapt to any threat. Their existence was exploited by the Terminal Protocol: a final attempt to contain the Great Darkness by quarantining universes conducive to intelligent life.

The Vishnans are a multiversal amalgam of civilizations that have stopped short of the Great Darkness, thereby evading the cull. They initially believe that with Nagari intervention, the UEF is worthy of ascension to the amalgam. The Shivans believe that the risk of a hard takeoff singularity is too great. The GTVA believes that the infectious, Vishnan-influenced UEF philosophy will leave everyone defenseless against the Shivans.

Here's what I'm still fuzzy on:

The Vishnans have lost faith in us for some reason (possibly involving the war). The Elders have an outside-context endgame strategy (possibly involving ascension to the amalgam). The Shivans have an alternative to culling us (possibly involving tighter control of intelligent life). Ken thinks that we have something to offer the Shivans (possibly involving self-awareness, which the Shivans lack by necessity).
Inferno / Re: Inferno: Nostos Discussion
« Last post by 5thAce on July 23, 2018, 02:38:12 am »
Amazingly well done and definitely worth the wait! I can't wait to see the nemesis, it's one of my favorite capital ships ever. So a few things I've noticed, EA beams seem to be much weaker than their GTVA counterparts, is this because of Vasudan involvement in in creating GTVA beams? Also was the mission "slow moving target" based on the mission "nemesis" from the original inferno? There are a lot of similarities between the two. A suggestion I would make if possible would be to have the support ship bring your hp back to at least 50%, given that some of these mission are quite long. 
Hey Arhipelag

My sisters and I were forging a Tradition of Victory when your naval architects were still learning their way around a slide rule.
Silent Threat: Reborn / Re: Forced Hand- Repulse Subsystems
« Last post by ngld on July 22, 2018, 10:34:45 pm »
I think he's talking about the instructions since they're only mentioning wxLauncher and 5.5g.

@kylekatarn77: On Knossos' Home tab, click the dropdown arrow for ST:R and select "Run Fast Debug". If the game opens a warning message, click Continue until you end up at the point where you encountered the problem. Quit FSO, open the dropdown menu from earlier and click "Upload Debug Log". Finally, paste the link Knossos gives you here.

The report probably failed because you weren't logged into Nebula. I need to add a better error message for that case...
Scripting Releases / Re: Axem's Script & Lua SEXP Collection
« Last post by Axem on July 22, 2018, 10:31:20 pm »
Just added a new script, an Extended Loading Screen script!

This script will allow the modder to more finely customize mission loading screens. Added features include customizeable loading bars, randomized loading images, ability to automatically draw the mission's title, and random text (for tips or lore, as well as associated images). Care must be taken with the placement of the loading bar, random text and images, since they will not scale with the game's resolution (however, the background does have the ability to scale). This script only overrides missions that are inside the loading screen table. (A nightly after July 23, 2018 is needed to use this script)

The best part about this script is you can now use loading screens of any resolution, and they'll look great!

This is also the first script to use the brand new tbl parser now available to lua scripting, no more needing to use JSON for the config files now!
Silent Threat: Reborn / Re: Forced Hand- Repulse Subsystems
« Last post by Galemp on July 22, 2018, 08:28:03 pm »
The log is generated by FS Open, not Knossos.
Silent Threat: Reborn / Re: Forced Hand- Repulse Subsystems
« Last post by kylekatarn77 on July 22, 2018, 08:13:23 pm »
These apply to the Knossos launcher? I only ask since they are dated 2008.
FreeSpace Discussion / Re: How long do Vasudans live?
« Last post by Nightmare on July 22, 2018, 07:12:48 pm »
And start filling boxes with heads?

They eat sand, so they can live as long as stones...

I had thought Vasudans lived for hundreds of years, but I cannot find that in canon anywhere.  I might have been thinking of this old thread though:

Now that is a OLD thread. To sum it up:

where do you get vasudans live 4for 00 years?
hey, calm down! I always wanted to know how long did a vasudan is supposed to live, so I ask you, nothing more 

FreeSpace Discussion / Re: How long do Vasudans live?
« Last post by deathspeed on July 22, 2018, 06:35:21 pm »
I had thought Vasudans lived for hundreds of years, but I cannot find that in canon anywhere.  I might have been thinking of this old thread though:
FreeSpace Conversion / Re: RELEASE: Deneb III
« Last post by Goober5000 on July 22, 2018, 06:22:07 pm »
Welp, finally got round to playing this.

Not quite as true to the intro as the other campaign "Death of the Legion" or whatever it was called, but the mission design is better.

I take pride in my mission design, so thank you. :)  But "not quite as true to the intro"?  Dagger! :snipe::p  Did you look at the ship placement, the number and type of ships, the various easter eggs?  Did you look at the different camera angles?

In what way do you think it was not quite as true to the intro?

This campaign makes me wish FS had a more complex damage mechanics system; something more along the lines of world of warships.
Shields would maybe act like Armour plating that regenerates but also degrades when shot at. Beam cannons probably shouldn't totally bypass shields, but have a high enough penetration value that they can usually punch through without issue. The lucy's shields might provide some protection from sgreen's and terslashes, but almost none against anything larger.
And as you say, Harbinger bombs might be right on the edge of being able to penetrate.

A good concept.  Yes, it would be interesting to have weapons partially penetrate shields when the shields are at middling integrity, as opposed to preventing any hull damage whatsoever until the last 1% of shield integrity is gone.

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