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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
I hope you can somehow get him to texture it then, just as a final sendoff for the project.
First, we need to find him.
I haven't seen him in god knows how long...


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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
As I know he's busy as hell with his real life issues. Too bad, he offered to work for Shadow Genesis too, and promised to texture Magnus... And than, disappeared :( . He wanted to finish also a few projects for Inferno, and possibly for other projects too...
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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
Finished Act 2.  That was really well done, and it's a shame that the momentum isn't there to see it further, but at least it is ending on a good note.

Thanks for posting the info on the other Acts.  There were some interesting ideas there.

Basically, thanks for all the work you guys put into this!  I had a lot of fun, and I wish you the best.
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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
Would anyone care to comment on the following message:
"Invalid species LSF defined in table entry for ship LSF Ray MkIII # LSF"

I've played Act I prior, no problem.
Act II (and also Act I now), I get this after the splash screen then all goes blank!

I ran the log file, though just wanted a quick return first, if possible, to help me out.
{Alms for the old guy!}

FSO3.6.14, Mediavps 3.6.12 / Win 7, Core I5 @3GHz, 8GB RAM, GeForce 555M.

Thanks in advance,
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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
Are you sure you've selected the correct campaign and mod ? The game is trying to load a WoD ships here.

Otherwise, log.
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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
Finished WoD, Stranded. Loaded ASW1 and ASW2.
Launcehed, selected no mod, then select mod ASW1. Got splash, then error message.
Re-launched and tried ASW2. Same thing.
Perhaps a wipe and re-install would clear it quicker if that's it.
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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
Your debug log will let us solve the problem. I suspect you've got loose VPs in your main directory.


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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
MatthTheGeek and General Battuta,
Sorry General, I already wiped out and re-installed. (However, I did not find any loose vp to note).
The re-install worked perfectly.
Two curiosities though - (1) No "Features" special flags set in ASW1(is that right?), and, (2) why would a completed WoD Stranded hang up ASW?
I was thinking of installing "elsewhere" and retrying the whole thing to see if it repeated. Well, soon as I make it to my next contract job!!!

Thank you both for fast, helpful replies...ala HLP!!!

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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
"Features" special flags? We have -ship_choice_3d in the mod.ini, if that's what you mean. The WoD issue was either a corrupt install, or (I think, correct me if I'm wrong) a corrupted pilot file. You weren't trying to use the same pilot for multiple mods, were you?


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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
No, I had finished the WoD Stranded (actually, the second runthrough for an "alternate" ending).  Afterwards, I installed both ASW1 and 2. Then, I ran ASW1, got the initial splash screen, then the error message. I didn't get in far enough to select or create a pilot!
I got "quick" and uninstalled FS2, re-installed, and installed both WoD, Stranded, ASW1 ansd ASW2, then started with ASW1, and no problems.
As a consultant in medical devices, I took the quick route via the re-installs, as I am constantly on the move and have little time for enjoyments like FSO! Next "event", I will have to pay the piper and do the log file properly.
This was the first time I have ended one mod, and had a problem starting another straight away, so I either wrecked the pilot file, or WoD didn't release me!!
And, I forgot about the ini! (red-faced thank you)!
Is "1_Shuriken.vp" correct, or is it "Shuriken.vp"??
You'll cringe, though...ASW's are so good.....I wish you would stay through ASW10!
Many thanks for the reply...even more for great mods.

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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
Maybe some of you are interested.
I am hosting a Playthrough of Act I on Insane difficulty (as well from Dimensional Eclipse, too) on my YouTube channel. The last mission of Act I was released a few minutes ago :-).

If you need help in some missions, or want to watch another player, take a look.

As far as i know, the Insane Playthrough of Act II will start in a few days :).

I hope it is not forbidden to inform you about this, though this thread is about Act II aswell the last reply was two months ago.  :nervous:
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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
Finished Act 2. I loved it. If the project is picked up again, I will be one of the first to play it. :D
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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
Since I didn't comment on Act I, I'll put both parts in this post.

The good:

The Ancients, their fleet, language, background- all had quite a bit of work put into them.

War against the Aestherians, and the Aestherians themselves- these guys also had a few tricks up their sleeves and managed to get the Ancients quite angry sometimes.

Image feed from recon in Act II, while I knew what they were up to it gave a new feel to it.

The bad:

The Shivans. Why? I don't really know, but they seemed to give an impression that I've seen nearly everything before somewhere.

The ugly:

I'm now second in line to play Act III.
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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
I just finished the story, and well what a ride!

Gameplay is absolutely awesome. It's definitely playable on Insane, and I enjoyed every little bit of it. The ancient weapons look so cool you really feel powerful when using them. The stealth missions are one of the bests I have ever played.

The Ancient ship designs is just wonderful. These giant cannons are superb. The first specie we fight also has very cool design - I really liked how they had plenty of turrets in their fighter/bombers and had shields, while the Ancients priviledged strong armor. It gives some kind of "civilization design" to the whole thing.

I had the "wow" moments more than once. Especially later on in Act 2, shivans are absolutely everywhere and you really feel it in the mission.

The only gripe I had is plotwise and weapon wise in regards to the Shivans
First they encounter a Demon, then the Lucifer.. Ok, very FS1. And just as I thought "Ok right now, Sathanas is the only thing missing to the party", a couple of missions later there goes the Sathanas! The problem I have is that it's supposed to happen way before the Great War. If they already had Sathanas back then, why didn't they launch them during the Great War ? Especially since they destroy a star before attacking the homeworld. In FS1 it's the contrary - first they try attacking Earth, then somehow Shivan forces retreat with the loss of the Lucifer, only to get back in FS2 with the Sathanas.

So I find that the events in the Ancients era aren't really logical compared to what we saw in FS1. Also, reading through the draft for the other acts, multiple Lucifers?? It's clearly not compatible with the fact that Shivans "lost the will to fight" after Lucifer's destruction in FS1.. To me, the Lucifer really was a flagship for the Shivans, and was the biggest flagship back then. Between FS1 and FS2 I can only imagine that the Shivans got stronger and got enough power to build all the Sathanas.. But I don't see the Shivans having Sathanas during the Ancient-era.

And if Lucifers are really an actual part of the Shivan armada (like, not a flagship, but an actual weapon used to destroy homeworlds), then why don't we see any Lucifer in FS2 ?

In terms of lore I would have preferred to stick to Lucifer being the flagship destroying everything in its path ; then they discover it can be destroyed in subspace, but it's too late and they have too small of a force to do it.. Then I would imagine the Lucifer destroying whatever remains of the Ancients, and go back to whatever dimension to they belong after the ancients got wiped out.

But these lore points aside, it's really a must play for me. Tons of fun guaranteed :)

Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
Glad you enjoyed! :) Good feedback too, I guess we did take some influence from both FS1 and FS2 in the plotline - in hindsight it might have been executed a bit less predictable...

Out of curiosity, how would you fit the origin of the Nebula beyond Gamma Draconis into a hypothetical revised storyline? (If at all?)

Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
on act2 no weapons on act 1 well how to fix
i useing knosses
i cant find debug mode on them
normal mod wontload my save it says invailid mod

Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
You seem to have both ASW1 3.6.12 and 3.6.14 installation active at the same time, that will probably screw things up. Try removing all files with "3612" in the name from your ASW1 folder, then try again if it works - if it still doesn't, please post a new log file.

Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
listen i have konnos launcher i tryied with that no weapons


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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
It doesn't look like that debug log is the proper one.  In Knossos, ASW installs to AncientShivanWar-2.0.0, whereas your VPs are in in ASW1 and ASW 2.  Furthermore, your MVPs 3.6.12 are installed to mediavps_3612 while Knossos installs them to MVPS-3.6.12.
Are you sure that log isn't from launching FSO through wxLauncher?
If you can't figure out how to run a debug build in Knossos, hover over the tile for ASW on the Home tab.  Then click on the dropdown arrow and hit Run Fast Debug.
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Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
You seem to have both ASW1 3.6.12 and 3.6.14 installation active at the same time, that will probably screw things up. Try removing all files with "3612" in the name from your ASW1 folder, then try again if it works - if it still doesn't, please post a new log file.

Based on this, the Knossos ASW install needs to be reworked, I'll do that soon.
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