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What's a "decent" accuracy rate with primary weapons?
So after being out of space simming for many years due to Real Life taking up too much time, I've finally managed to set aside some time recently and delve into FS which I'd never got around to earlier. As I start to play, I feel like my accuracy has become quite dismal. I've lost "the touch"! Just curious, what do you think a "decent" accuracy rate is with the primary weapons (unguided)? I'm playing FSPort and I'm getting around 10% in the early missions with non-homing weapons. I feel like I can't hit anything or kill anything. But then my wingmen are much more effective than in just about any other flight sim and to some extent aren't giving me "the chance" to destroy stuff, so maybe I'm just not used to the Freespace style quite yet. And maybe 10% is sort of OK. Thoughts? I guess what I'm really getting at is whether I should use another control input device or whether I'm sort of doing OK.

Re: What's a "decent" accuracy rate with primary weapons?
Depends on what you're firing. With a high ROF low energy weapon it's fine to have around 35% since you'll be spraying a lot, with a low ROF but with higher damage and energy draw weapons you want around 60%. In FSport the Avenger is statistically the best weapon and it's pretty cheap and has a decent ROF so an accuracy around 30-40% is good enough.

Input device shouldn't matter that much, there are good players with using pretty much any control method.
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Re: What's a "decent" accuracy rate with primary weapons?
I guess I'm having pretty much exactly the same issues this guy is:

Just having a lot of trouble getting into it...


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Re: What's a "decent" accuracy rate with primary weapons?
Play on Very Easy, don't worry about it. I played only on VE/Easy for many years.


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Re: What's a "decent" accuracy rate with primary weapons?
Too many variables to answer. You'll have a higher hit rate if you're mostly busy stripping beams or sniping cruisers with the Maxim than trying hit to hit SF Dragons or Cordi fighters. We can't all be QuantumDeltas or Novachens acing Very Hard while sleepwalking.


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Re: What's a "decent" accuracy rate with primary weapons?
I got curious about my hit rate using a Sidewinder Force Feedback 2.  After finishing the main FS2 campaign on Very Easy, I had 40.7%, but that includes a lot of hits on subsystems, turrets, etc.  After the first mission on the new Operation Templar on Very Easy, I'm at 12.7%.

I stopped playing the game around 2004, and when I picked it up again in 2012 I had the same issue of it seeming harder than I remembered.  But after a few hours of play over the next couple of weeks the old comfort level came back to me.
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