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Freespace 2 Cut scenes
Im going to be playing freespace 2 with my friend soon, but playing the campaign multiplayer doesn't show the cut scenes, so i was wondering if anyone knew the order of them. That way we can alt+tab out of the game to watch them online when they are supposed to play.


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Re: Freespace 2 Cut scenes
You can go to the tech-room and hit Ctrl+shift+s. That'll make all campaign missions and cut-scenes show up in the proper order.

And leaving the Tech-Room will reset it back to how it was.


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Re: Freespace 2 Cut scenes
Going to the Tech Room has the disadvantage that you need to quit the multiplayer session, though.

The table of contents of this page shows the cutscenes in the correct order.  This playlist has all the cutscenes, but the Bastion cutscene is out of place; it should appear between 6 and 7 in that list.