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Map thrust to mouse scroll
Hi, just reporting that I was able to successfully map thrust keys to my mouse scroll wheel on arch64 using the evrouter program as outlined here:

Follow the instructions on the arch wiki and remember to logout and login after adding yourself to the input group.
This is my .evrouterrc file:

$ cat .evrouterrc
"USB OPTICAL MOUSE" "/dev/input/event*" any rel/8/1 "XKey/equal"
"USB OPTICAL MOUSE" "/dev/input/event*" any rel/8/-1 "XKey/minus"

Ensure your ship config key mapping in fs2open uses - (minus) and = (equal)  to decrease and increase throttle 5% respectively.


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Re: Map thrust to mouse scroll
wow, that's really cool. Great workaround until we get native support for mouse wheels (and more than 3 buttons :))
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