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Re: Nebulas and pretty clouds...
with gimp.... you could take images of real clouds for that, invert colors on one so you get a black background with a little white , then put some more cloud images on different layers , recolour them and start playing around with the layer properties, that might get you something.. though I've never tried it before seems like a good way to start.
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Re: Nebulas and pretty clouds...
Yeah the basics are to use cloud photos and clonestamping them in different interesting ways, there are also LOTS of great brushs for photoshop, so using a photo base and adding details with cloud brushs should produce some nice results :)


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Re: Nebulas and pretty clouds...
hay don't ask me, all I did was use the clonestamp tool in photoshop on Bobcat's original nebula, played a bit with curves and coloring, that is all... ask Bobcat, he's the real artist here  :yes:

Awww... you shouldn't have ;)

I haven't put a lot of effort in to the last two images.  I'm trying to make sure I'm headed in the right direction before I pour hours into "perfect nebulae" for Lt. Cannonfodder.  Yes, the second one does look "crosslike."  Its what I like to call "Puffy Green and Pink Nebula v2.0: Knights Templar Edition" 

The splotches you see is just me being lazy.  When I get a green light for a particular style and look, then you'll start to see high resolution, clean nebulae from me.  :D   I'm still stuck on a military job until Thanksgiving, though.  Nothing new until then, unfortunately. 

Thanks for the comments and etc.  As for the criticism, go stick yourselves!!!  ;)  jk  All is welcome.  Peace out!