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ASW, dialogue, and TTS
So, having just finished Aftermath Reboot and Shadow Genesis (both of which were quite good), I decided to give ASW another go. I'd tried it before, and gave up because trying to read dialogue in the top left corner of the screen while also not getting shot while also only being notified that dialogue has happened by a beep that's very easily lost in the rest of the sound is a complete nightmare. I'm running into the same issue again. So, is there any way to:

A (preferred): force TTS to work regardless of the fact that there's a sound file being played, or
B: activate the center-oriented text box used in BP and certain other mods?

Oh, and did I post this in the right place? I keep posting things here and I'm never sure if there's a better board for them.


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Re: ASW, dialogue, and TTS
Placing axem-message.vp in main ASW directory should do the job. However ASW is quite old and I encountered few other errors. I'm not sure if it's actually launchable on 3.8.0.

I guess both ASW campaigns should be upgraded by FSCRP... And they are extremly worth it.
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Re: ASW, dialogue, and TTS
Well, I'm still using 3.7.4, since I don't know how the nightlies work. Been thinking about figuring that out, though, since the new lighting effects look shiny.

And thanks!


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Re: ASW, dialogue, and TTS
It would be a fair bit of work of course but it would be fantastic to see them remaster ASW. It's my favorite mod by far.
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