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Screencap Contest - March 2017
This month's theme is... nothing! Go wild! It's all free!

The rules are:
No Photoshop or post-processing!!
Maximum 3 entries per person!!!

Use the screencap script to help you take that perfect shot!

Darius - 1
niffiwan - 1


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Re: Screencap Contest - March 2017
Hercules closeup:


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Re: Screencap Contest - March 2017
This is a little preview for my upcoming Wings of Dawn fan campaign. Among other things, you will be seeing the full might of the Cyrvan Star Armada's gorgeous and lethal weaponry. Rest assured, no innocents were harmed during the making of this screenshots.

Enjoy the view of a CSA Ascension firing her primary weapons at a CRF Duke. The scene depicted will feature as shown in my campaign. Rest assured, no innocent Terrans were harmed in the making.

All credits for creating the source material go to Spoon and everyone who helped develop Wings of Dawn.
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Re: Screencap Contest - March 2017
If the opposite of pro is con, then is the opposite of progress Congress?