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I've had this post reply tab open for roughly 4 days, but instead of actually typing the damn post, I spend most of my time being stupidly absorbed in total warhammer. But hey, finally united and saved the empire, so there's that.
Game development is hard, especially when I can't muster any motivation to do unfun things that are work and effort, and completely make no progress towards that internal deadline I had set for myself.

While I wasn't particularly a fan of flying it in old WoD, I always really liked the Kaze's design. It's nice to see it getting some love here. I'll probably like flying it more upgraded, and it looks great in that colour scheme too. :)
Old WoD's Kaze had a lot of... issues, it wasn't particularly fun to fly with. I think I've adressed most of these issues in nuWoD at least.
Also that is definitely not the color scheme it will end up with. Unless the CRF ends up importing them from the SF...

More heavily armed and armoured and it's red so it goes like three times faster.

So... what's the catch? It's rotation times, right? The great holy trinity of numbers to rule all numbers in Freespace fighter evaluation.

Also those x-wings are super sexy.
There's no catch, it's just a straight up better Kaze!

In other development blog news, once more about missiles. Previously when I complained how countermeasures are so backwards, and I finally got a build that fixed all of the issues I had with them, I figured I'd be done with missiles for a while! But as I was test playing, I just couldn't help but keep noticing how bad most missiles seemed at just hitting their damn target. Even missiles like the DHSM-3c Dart, which has a turn time of 0,6 seconds will often just not turn right. Most missiles seem pointless to use at close ranges too. I randomly mentioned/complained about it on irc that I just didn't liked how missiles felt in Freespace, no matter what kind of settings I seemed to fiddle with. This prompted DahBlount to look into the code for me, and he discovered it was actually something simple and silly. It's swarm missiles that can't hit things for ****, and well, most WoD missiles tend to have swarm enabled to some extend.
I didn't really had any indication that making a missile a Swarm, would innately mess with its ability to track. But hey, the more you know.

To give you an idea how it affects missile behavior: with Swarm With Corkscrew without any twist applied to it.

So I ended up changing most of the swarm missiles to corkcrews instead, but this means I'll have to go mess with all of their turn values again, since over the years I've just been giving them really low values to try and compensate for bad swarm tracking...

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