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The FreeSpace Upgrade Project / Re: Cutscene Upgrade [RELEASE: EndGame (FS1)]
« Last post by Vidmaster on January 20, 2018, 03:11:51 pm »
Whoa, this is going full-speed ahead it seems.
Can you ask somewhere, if the WCSaga Deutsch Team is interested to make a Knossos compatible release of their translation? I think that would be nice move, because i also have released my translations on it (except for BtA, because i am still working on a new major release) :).

I'm not sure whether or not Luke, the leader of WCS Deutsch and WCS Plus, is here on HLP. But he can be contacted over at, and :)
FreeSpace & FreeSpace Open Support / Re: Missing launcher
« Last post by krevett62 on January 20, 2018, 02:14:25 pm »
What did you use to download fs open? You can use fso installer or knossos  (you'll find both here) they'll get you the launcher as well as mods if you're interested
FreeSpace & FreeSpace Open Support / Missing launcher
« Last post by hkmp57 on January 20, 2018, 02:04:45 pm »
It is the second time i've downloaded fs open. When i did it first time some long time ago, after instalation there was some kind of launcher to select mod and other options, and now i can't find it. There are some files like fs2_open 3.8 launcher but it's just launching on low resolution, can someone help me with that?
Asset Releases / Re: [RELEASE] GTF Vali
« Last post by Rogue Assassin04 on January 20, 2018, 01:27:24 pm »
when hercules mk2, myrmidon, perseus collide, this is what you get.

JK. Just Kidding... Nice model tho.
Inferno / Re: Do you want Inferno to keep its assets exclusive?
« Last post by Nightmare on January 20, 2018, 12:53:37 pm »
I worked on a campaign where I wanted to use the Gargant as ultimate, absolutely undefeatable opponent, but it died before I even registered here for it was too similar to Exile. :(
I even made my own placeholder by editing the pre-R1 Gigas in PCS...
FS2 Open Tools / Re: PUBLIC BETA: Knossos 0.7.8 (combined launcher/installer)
« Last post by jr2 on January 20, 2018, 12:47:58 pm »
mklink needs admin rights. I'd also have to call it for every single file at which point I could just copy those files instead of linking them.

mklink /d , and have the program look for that folder.    I use mklink /d to link my user folders from my spinny disk to my user profile on my SSD.

However that does leave the problem of admin rights.  I mean, you could prompt for it, and have the description of the ReShade mod state that it will need admin permissions.

Wait, can you link to a dll in a subfolder as long as the .exe is in the parent?  if not this wouldn't work.
Inferno / Re: Do you want Inferno to keep its assets exclusive?
« Last post by jr2 on January 20, 2018, 12:45:03 pm »
Holy balls the Gargant still exists?

Yesssssss!  Someone use that in a mod.  ;7
The sequel, Jedi Starfighter, had more consistent difficulty and was just generally better, but never got a PC release.


Did you like it much?
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