Author Topic: Any minor MediaVPs_2014 updates?  (Read 1932 times)

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Re: Any minor MediaVPs_2014 updates?
So I suppose I should start practicing with smaller stuff.

If you're looking to Hi-Polify something that hasn't been done before, try the Argo.

Oh, that's a really good idea. I used to do a little bit of modeling, several years ago, and the only thing I was ever any good at was really mechanical shapes. The Argo is right up my alley -- albeit maybe not that helpful if I'm trying to learn how to model things like Shivan ships...

Also, there are a whole bunch of really good and fairly important models that are just kind of...languishing in a nearly-complete state. Like, I think the new Orion and Deimos models are basically done. There's the Moloch, too, which is in dire need of an update. That model was pretty far along, but it was being made by rga_noris and he's MIA.

...huh. I just Googled his name to figure out how precisely it was spelled, and apparently it looks like he's active on the ARMA forums? That's interesting; I played 3 a little while back and had a lot of fun with it.

Anyway. Yeah, so, point is, there are all these models and I really really hate to see them half-abandoned like this.


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Re: Any minor MediaVPs_2014 updates?
I seem to remember someone making an aborted attempt at the Argo a long time ago as well, though I don't think it got very far.


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Re: Any minor MediaVPs_2014 updates?
The real value of the MediaVPs was always in usability for the new FS2 Consumer. Even myself, veteran of HLP, really do not want to merge single models into my installation on a regular basis. Let alone managing my backups.

Not sure if/when I'll have time to repack the MVPs. Use the links for manual installs right now and perhaps I can get an official update out by the end of the year.

This gives me a lot of hope and I wanted to make my encouragement known! A fresh new single-package, a MediaVPs 2018 for christmas or something, would be very appreciated.
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Re: Any minor MediaVPs_2014 updates?
Yeah, it would be appreciated at some point. I've managed to slap together something that works, but the new models I've installed don't seem to play nice with the new 3.8.0 release. It's nothing intractable, but it is an appreciated convenience to not have manually play to get the new models to work right.