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Improve AI of vanilla Mech Commander 2
Hey all!
I recently rediscovered my old Mech Commander 2 CD, and I even managed to get it working! However, the AI is still as terrible as I remember it, locking on to the first mech it sees..

Now I have seen that there's a ton of great new things in OmniTech (thanks a lot for all the work!), and I can't wait to try that out. I would like to play through the original game first though - and nostalgia demands I stick to my german version too! Therefore I wanted to ask if there's a simple way to improve the AI of the vanilla game, and if anyone could give me some hints on how to do this. Any help would be much appreciated. :)

Thanks a lot!


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Re: Improve AI of vanilla Mech Commander 2
Copy corebrain.abx from omnitech/data/missions folder to your Mc2/data/missions folder.
Should be compatible even with old MC2...