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MCG - Darkest Hours v3.2 - Standalone

MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours - Free Full Version 3.2!!!

MCG - Darkest Hours - Introduction & Version History
Let me first introduce myself. I'm RizZen, big fan of retro games and real time strategy. Vanilla MechCommander Gold is freeware since 2006. With new OS coming up and after nearly two decades game got old and 16-bit installer doesn't work on newer systems. The only workaround so far was to download/use original ISO file, copy CD content into empty game folder and start game exe from hard-drive with mounted ISO. This is what I have changed, cause it was not a way of installing it properly and brought many problems like the fact it's no updatet version and only basic CD content. That way installing old custom map packs or several game updates wheren't possible to be done, cause game wasn't physically installed -  to make it possible updating it. Magic offers four MechCommander standalone versions here on ModDB. After downloading and analyzing all of them I realized magic used pre installed game folders while creating his versions with usermade custom campaigns. This workaround is quite genius - cause he used an updated version of original MechCommander Gold. Magic created a MCG - Desperate Measures v1.8 game folder and called it MCX Original. I took this one as backbone for modding/remastering MechCommander to full potential.
MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.2 is an evolved MCG DM v1.8 version including two XXL campaigns (the largest ever for MC), Original & Expansion, which contain all usermade custom campaigns and original ones... - as a one, all rare smaller campaigns made for MCG as Solo-Missions & all available resolution exe files, integrated MCGold.ISO (mainfolder of MCG-DH) plus Multi-Player functions for using game with gameranger online (64 MP-Scenarios).

Gamefolder Name (recommended path)
C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\...; Version: 3.0
ISO-CD path
C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCGold.ISO; Mount THIS!
Path of *.EXE files to start game with (self-explanatory)
C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX640x480.exe
Only No-CD exe. For testing.
C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCXOriginal.exe
The Original MCX.exe - for this one you can define resolution via editing
entry in Prefs.cfg file! Pre-Set for MCG-DH: 1.024x768 pixel, res=2.

C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX1024x768.exe
C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX1280x768.exe
C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX1280x1024.exe
C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX1440x900.exe
C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX1600x900.exe
C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX1920x1080.exe
Start game for Single-Player & Solo-Missions with THOSE exe files!
C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\MCX.exe
Use Gameranger to start game with THIS "MCX.exe"-File to host or join Multi-Player games online on gameranger.[/i]
- 89 missions original campaign merge
 - 41 missions expansion campaign merge
 - 95 solo missions to play (purchase update coming soon)
 - 64 multiplayer mission maps pre-installed and activated - start game with gameranger on in order to play multiplayer
 - +20 new MechWarriors
 - new MixedTech Patch for Solo- and Multiplayer comparing all technologies into logistic purchases (full mechs, warriors, vehicles & equipment)
- MCG - Darkest Hours Guide (full game content for players)
Note: Fully remastered Version for Mech Commander Gold - includes a complete pre-installed game folder that you can put into your game directories and start playing MC without installing anything. Just mount ISO from game directory and launch one of the MCX.exe-resolution files to play Single-Player campaigns or Solo-Missions. MCG - Darkest Hours - is a pre-installed folder with all updates, an installed and already used editor & CD *.ISO file in Main directory (MCG Darkest Hours\MCGold.ISO). Mounting ISO is only necessary with Single-Player feature - when playing Multi-Player you have to use gameranger (loads iso automatically) for starting Game with Multi-Player sessions. Start game always with Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode with reduced colors 8/16bit!!!

Multiplayer notice: I have set the standard resolutions (640x480) to 1024x768 for multiplayer. To change resolution on multiplayer you need to change Prefs.cfg file (line resolution 1-3 possible to use in MP). Use Gameranger to start game with "MCX.EXE" in Darkest Hours Main folder. The original MCX.exe got replaced by this one for Gameranger compability, takes out MSZone relations of MP-Feature offering MP for up to six compititors in a game.
Game Standard Resolutions:

Line in Preferences config file for MCXOriginal.exe: {L Resolution=X in} --> Prefs.cfg stored in --> "C:\Games\MCG Darkest Hours\Prefs.cfg"

Playing MCG - Darkest Hours vs. Non Modded causes Crashes for non Mod players when Mod only items and maps are used. Be sure all participators of multiplayer game have running the same game version on gameranger. Remastered MCG - 3.0!

Singleplayer Notice: When you play Single-Player Campaigns or Solo-Missions use the resolution exe files to start game manually (Be sure original MCG CD is mounted before starting exe!!!).

Version 4.0 - Development
Version 3.0 - Development
Version 2.0 - Development
Version 1.0 - Development
RizZen´s MechCommander Gold - Download Collection
MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours Q&A - Questions & Answers
MCG-DH - User Feedback
MCG-DH - Future Improvements 3.0
MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours Version 3.0 - Source Code for Modding MC
Where it all begun - The NGNG Modder´s Corner!!!
Official MCG-ISO-Download from NGNG by SeanLang
MechCommander Gold - Links & Sites
Overview for ALL released standalone builts - ever...
MechCommander Gold - The Repulse
Russian Demo Mod - as Standalone containing eight missions with new weapons & modded vehicle content.

MCG-DH - Supported Systems

Tested & developed with following operating systems:
Windows 10 (64-/32-bit), Windows 8 (64-&32-bit), Windows 7 (64-&32-bit) Windows XP (64-&32-bit), Windows 98 SE (8-&16-bit)
How install & run MechCommander on MAC OS - systems:
Youtube video - How to run MechCommander on MAC OS!

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MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours Guide

How to install MCG - Darkest Hours
(much easier then original game now!)
For short:
- Download MCG-DH v3.0 & extract MCG Darkest Hours\ into your game folders
- Mount MCGold.iso File in MCG Darkest Hours\ in virtual drive
- start "MCX.exe" or "MCXResolutionyoudesiretoplayinsmission.exe" - menu is always 640x480, only MCX.exe with modified resolution shows menu in fullscreen on higher resolutions!
- enjoy MechCommander on a new level (this short version is for Win10, 64-bit users)

- For best performance and lowest "crash"-risk i recommend to play MC with 1024x768 or 1400x900 (Widescreen) - start game.exe with Windows XP SP2 compatibility and 8/16bit reduced colors
- Windows 10 may ask you for installing DirectPlay in order to start game.exe

When you have more questions, especially due to ingame stuff you HAVE to take a look into my MCG-DH Guide for players!
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MCG-DH-v3.0 Full Version - how it developed
See full version History with all changes!

MCG - Darkest Hours - Full-Version History v1.0-4.0

Original folder + ModUpdate v2.0 containing X-ray,Dsc,Xenocide,Bengal,exodus&turncoat campaigns + patch 2.0b + 2.0b artwork + 2.0d colossal multi-player patch = Full remastered MCG - Darkest Hours v2.0d Mod &

MCG - Darkest Hours v2.0d + Final v3.0 patch = New Full Version of MCGDH Version 3.0 - Latest version & 3.2 Update (April, 2018)

Short update history:

Version 3.0 includes:
- original (89 missions) & expansion (41 missions) campaign merge
° Exodus & Turncoat
° Xenocide & Bengal
° X-Ray & DSC-Raid
° Original & Expansion (100% Recreated & working Originals)
- alltogether 130 campaign missions to play the biggest campaigns ever made for MCG
° recreated 30 original and 12 expansion campaign missions for merge
° updated 42 purchases and created 90 new purchase files
° new, &
- colossal purchase file update for original campaign (bugfixes & balanced purchase inventory in order not to be flooded with items during campaigns.
° updated last turncoat mission of expansion campaign to make it compatible to campaign (warrior bugs)

- 95 instead of just three solomissions to play
° play the original solomissions ACEHUNT, PAREDUX & THEGUN
° play all recreated original & expansion missions from all operations with awesome budget (keep in mind these missions not finished yet)

- 64 activated Multi-Player Maps to play on
- new,,
- colossal *.sol file update for solomissions
- colossal *.mpk file update for multi-player missions
- integrated Mixed-Tech-Patch for solomissions & multi-player (IS+Clan tech fusion for both playable sides)
° includes 24 BattleMechs, 23 Vehicles, 50 Pilots and 49 weapons & mech equipment to use for these features
° contains all basic elements that exist in original gamefiles, including special weapons like Sniper / Thunderbolt / Railgun / Large-X-Pulse lasers

- New artwork
° new loading screen
° new saving screen
° new multi-player menu screen
° new background menu screen
° +20 new warrior pictures for logistics & in-mission (only single-player)
° +20 nameplates for new warriors
° new music for main menu & logistics
- new
° added indexes and descriptions for 20 new warriors

Folder structure changes
- put links to gameranger & MCG Darkest Hours Guide into game folder
- new MCX.exe for gameranger to play multi-player scenarios
- pre-installed editor, editor2, extender
- new icon for MC directed links or exe files
- no CD-Exe for testing (only 640x480 resolution)
- new resolution *.exe by magic (1280x768 widescreen)
- new resolution *.exe by magic (1280x1024 4:3 monitors)
- integrated original *.ISO - CD into game folder for gameranger (loads iso automatically)
- ReadMe file inside - how to install full version
- new readme for multi-player in main game folder (MCG - darkest hours Multi-player ReadMe.txt)
- link to gameranger (not MSZone anymore)
- some more new in-game music files

Further information about modded content:
- rebalanced warrior skills (especially the ones from mission gifts)
- first campaigns with working purchases for 130 campgain missions total
- gaining 13 Warriors from the battlefield
- created new start0.pkk (easy & hard) // xStart0.pkk (expansion)
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Re: Mech Commander Gold RizZen Mod
Feel free to post infos about your new releases here...

Multi-Player & Solomission Map packs for MCG-DH
Updated whole Thread (04/2018)!
- replaced broken / missing links
- added all important links for MCG

New content of MCG-DH-v3.0

Download Single-Player Map-Pack-II

+50 additional Solo-Missions to play free with included Mixed-Tech!

____ ____ ____ ____ ____

Download Multi-Player Map-Pack-II

+18 additional Multi-Player Scenarios for playing online with gameranger!
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Re: MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v3.0 - Standalone
How did you get it working i get i cannot launch this app with 1 error code
0xc0000022 could not be run probely
How to fix
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MCG - DH Version 3.2 release!
0xc0000022 could not be run probely

I only get this error after starting game with higher resolution than current desktop resolution. For example when you are using desktop 1024x600 resolution (small laptop monitors for example) - you can't play with 1024x768 resolution or above. Maximum would be 800x600 resolution then. Best results I have is using Windows XP SP2 compability & 8/16bit colors - settings when using Windows 10, 64-bit in order to play MechCommander.


Version 3.2 is online! What has been changed?

- Story-Overhaul
- Corrected all missions briefings headlines
- new story for many missions
- both campaigns should show ending movies after last mission now, no crashs anymore
- fixed and controlled all master-purchase files
- Bugfixes for several missions of Original & Expansion campaign merges
Original bugfixes
- Bugfix Op5Mis13 - MisObj6 - Kill Wirth! = Kill all!
- Bugfix Op4Mis10 - Turkina // Mad-Cat Bug
Expansion bugfixes
- Hotfix Op2Mis13
- Hotfix Op3Mis1
- New Versions of 00_MUpdate.fst, PuWa.fst, xRiz0204.fst & xRiz0301.fst
Installation notice: Copy the content of the "MCG Darkest Hours" folder into your MCG-DH installation´s game folder. Package contains new versions of some *.fst files for game´s main folder where the *.exe files are.
3.1 Update no longer exists - everything is included in v3.2 update.

Other things, that are new

- the first "Savegame-Download" is available - look here: Operation 2, Mission 1 - Savegame by RizZ
- How to change pilot´s voices & customizing ingame music!!!
- Version 4.0 - Worktable - Feedback and wishes please in this thread!!!
- Latest Bug Report Status (03/26/2018)
- MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours - Deutscher Support! - MechCommander goes Bi-lingual
- Elite: Dangerous - German gaming community are new allies and guaranteed to host the German Support Section that is coming up now
- found out how to change resolution.exe files - made 9 more resolutions to choose for playing mc in fullscreen in-mission. (Menu is always 640x480 for now)
- Updatet my MechCommander Download Collection

For more information visit: NoGutsNoGalaxy MC-Modding forums!

Regards RizZ
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