Author Topic: BP HUD too small? Try this! [BETA]  (Read 685 times)

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BP HUD too small? Try this! [BETA]
Is the BP HUD too small for you? Try adding this VP to your Blue Planet Complete installation.

Note this is in testing! I did try it my self in a few instances, but I've found that brave users always seem to find something I've missed. ;)

So in particular I'm looking to confirm that:
* Works with 3.7.4 and 3.8
* The HUD is readable at any resolution
* No overlapping or missing HUD gauges
* Prompt Box has no mouse cursor problems with pausing/alt-tabing/mission restarts
* Doesn't crash the game
* Plays well with other 2HUD hud mods that I've done.

Thanks guys!

Re: BP HUD too small? Try this! [BETA]
Thanks so much for posting this, it's perfectly timed for my playthrough of BP!

Some notes re: what you're looking for in testing:
I'm using 3.7.4 for which it works perfectly.
2560x1440, eminently readable
Have not had any issues with overlapping or missing gauges
Have alt-tabbed, F2 for options screen, Esc to pause a bunch of times, have not noticed any resulting HUD issues
Have played for several hours now with rock solid stability
Have not tried with other HUD mods.

Re: BP HUD too small? Try this! [BETA]
The link is broken. Does this still work and if so could someone post a new link?