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I know there's a feature freeze but I was wondering about the possibility of a new launcher option in the future.  You know the "Disable emissive light from ships" option?  It's pretty cool as it adds some realism, however, sometimes a giant black mass against the back drop just doesn't look as cool as it should.

How about a "Reduced emissive light from ships" say cut it back to only 25% so they are very dim but not completely black.  Might not be as realistic but it would be a cool compromise between the two.


That's in the "Lighting" section of HLP Wiki -> custom command flags. -no_emissive_light and -ambient_factor flags. I personally use something like this:

3.7.5 Nightly (All about PBR)
Custom command line: -ambient_factor 55 -no_emissive_light -spec_exp 15 -spec_point .2 -spec_static .8 -spec_tube .2 -ogl_spec 50

It's mostly dark, and suns are the biggest source of light there - if your target isn't illuminated by them, it's really hard to see it, but that also gives the shadows and glowmaps some more love than usually. Try it out!
Excuse me for any spelling errors I make - I'm still learning English :P

Thank you, I will.