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Babylon 5 Models for Stellaris Mod
Hi, I'm looking to get in touch with those in charge of the B5 Freespace 2 Mod as I'd like to get hold of the 3d models used. I have Amras's permission from the B5 X3 mod to use his models from that mod if I can work out how to extract them. I'd also like to get hold of those in this Freespace 2 Mod. There are some in the Civilization 4 B5 mod, tho they are tiny.

There were also several models that the X3 mod didn't get round to and am wondering if anyone ever made those for this mod such as the Brakiri Halik & Ikorta, EA Artemis & Tethys to name just a few?

Can anyone help me out, of course credit will be given.