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Babylon 5 Civlization IV Space Mod
Has anyone here played the Babylon 5 total conversion space mod for Civilization 4? I decided to give it a go a month ago and have been COMPLETELY addicted since lol! Was so blown away I made the 2 part video below for people who may not know about it. For a turn based strategy gamer like me who’s always wanted to play a sandbox game as the Earth alliance colonising planets and conquering the galaxy with Hyperions, Omegas & Warlocks it’s just a dream come true!! The creator has plans to add huge battle scenarios (separate to the sandbox game much like the Star Trek Civ 4 mod), and he wants to have playable shadows & Vorlons too. Unfortunately he’s the only one left working on the project now and he has limited C++ coding/graphics skills so progress is slow. Hopefully he doesn't abandon it!

Mod located here:

Part 1

Part 2
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