Author Topic: I forgot how to install my own MOD  (Read 188 times)

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I forgot how to install my own MOD
Haha... so I ran the install and there's a Robotech.vp file that goes into the folder... but not all the mod is showing up, just the music it looks like. I don't remember how any of this works. :)

You don't actually have to spend time answering me as it's a silly thing, but if you do... hey cool :)

I want to show the MOD to some game dev people I met that like Robotech.

Oh here's the link if you want to try it:

The main selection screen should look like the SDF1 and yeah it's obvious when it's installed.
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Re: I forgot how to install my own MOD
Your mod only included 640x480 interface art.  If you start the game in 1024x768, you won't see any special interface changes. :)

Also, if you run your mod in FSO, there are a bunch of debug errors.  You should consider fixing those.