Author Topic: Problem with Key settings - German vs. English Keyboard and System?  (Read 752 times)

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Problem with Key settings - German vs. English Keyboard and System?

i really got a very strange problem. I downloaded, installed and updated Diaspora to V1.1, and it seems to be an awesome game. When i try to play the very first training mission, i get stuck at the point, where you have to approach to drone 2 and then fly reverse. My game is, somehow, sometimes in german and in english, note that i have a german version of Freespace 2 and the stand-alone, FS2 based game Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn installed.  Maybe this causes all the trouble, which is:

In the keyboard settings, i defined flying backwards as z (z and y are exchanged in german and english keyboards). When i play the first mission, targeting objects in the rectangle is also defined as z, althoug the keyboard setting meue says it should be y! I switched the command for several keys, to avoid the y and z-problem, and always targeting in the rectangle switches to the key that i set for flying backwards! The point i get stuck is, when i have to fly or press the backward flying key in the mission. The Command Display shos "Press $S$ to fly backward", which looks kinda strange. The game doesn't react, even if i stop the engines and drone 2 gets much farther away than the necessary 250 m.

By the way, when i install version 1.0, everything works fine. BUT i cannot complete the mission, because when sending drone 1 back to the battlestar by C - 1 - 1 - 0 nothing happens, even if i wait for ages. All in all, this sounds like the game has several problems on my computer, or whatever. I hope you guys have any solution to that problem, should i try to deinstall Freespace 2 and the Wing Commander-Mod?

I really wanna try out this obviously awesome game, cause as a huge BSG-fan it just feels AMAZING sitting in a Viper and  being shot out of a battlestar!!!

So say we all.


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Re: Problem with Key settings - German vs. English Keyboard and System?
Yeah, the keyboard is almost certainly the issue. If you've played both FS2 and WCS you can probably skip both tutorial missions and go on to the main game without issue. The problem you described can also be solved by editing the registry but I tend to feel uncomfortable suggesting that unless someone knows what they're doing.

Oh, you should also install patch 1.1.1 or you won't be able to finish the game properly (It's a pretty small patch compared to 1.1).
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Re: Problem with Key settings - German vs. English Keyboard and System?
HAHAHAHA! Thanks for reminding that there is a skip training-button  in Diaspora aswell  :banghead:
I hope everything will work fine from now.  :D