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Request: Hotkeys for FRED Editors
Before I make my proposal, I would like agian to tank the hard workers of the Source Code Project for their effort to keep an aging game up-to-date free of charge. It would not be an exaggeration to say that every Freespacers owes you a great amount for all your effort.

I have recently started familiarizing myself with the Freespace 2 Mission Editor, its capabilities and features. Although certain capable of impressive feats, it is safe to say FRED's UI unfortunately betrays its age. The two most pressing concerns are how unsafe certain editors are (i.e. how you can erase entire wings or large SEXPs with just one misclicks) and the fact that there are no keyboard shortcuts for the events and ship editors. Even being able to do something as simple as 'add paste' with one press of the INS key, copy & paste with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V or delete with the DEL key would make creating new events for missions much easier and smoother.

So here is my plea: If there is any way keyboard shortcuts for the FRED subeditors can be implemented, it would be a great boon to every FREDder.
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Re: Request: Hotkeys for FRED Editors
I don't know how much investment in the existing Fred is for a feature like this, but it is definitely something that could be discussed for the wxFred replacement.
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Re: Request: Hotkeys for FRED Editors
Weirdly there are shortcuts listed but they just don't work.

Re: Request: Hotkeys for FRED Editors
the fact that there are no keyboard shortcuts for the events and ship editors.
Weirdly there are shortcuts listed but they just don't work.
Err, what ? Since when ?  :wtf:

The listed shortcuts absolutely work on my end, including the ship & event editor. Unless there's some other list of shortcuts I'm unaware of ? Or do you mean shortcuts within those editors ? :confused:


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Re: Request: Hotkeys for FRED Editors
pretty sure they're talking about shortcuts within the editors. And I'll agree, some extra niceness in the events editor especially would be super useful
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Re: Request: Hotkeys for FRED Editors
The event editor has been in dire need of modernization for years, but it's never been considered particularly worthwhile compared to, say, getting wxFRED usable (and then, theoretically, wxFRED's event editor would be much easier to improve).
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Re: Request: Hotkeys for FRED Editors
Where can you get wxfred


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Re: Request: Hotkeys for FRED Editors
wxFred is currently in development. It's not any use for real FREDding at the moment. Adding the hotkeys to the existing version of FRED might be possible though.
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