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General Discussion / Re: *SPOILER THREAD* Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« Last post by Scourge of Ages on December 17, 2017, 01:20:34 am »
I'm concerned that the entire Resistance at the start of the film was comprised of a wing of heavy (sloooowwww) bombers and a half-dozen cruisers. How were they supposed to liberate even a single First Order-held system like that?

Anyway. RE: ships running out of fuel and falling back into range. I had no problem with that, because the movie is working on one of two physics systems: Either ships are constantly pushing against space in order to keep moving (like in FS and XWing games), so when they lose engine power, they stop. Or both forces are just constantly accelerating, but keeping the same rough distance apart, and when one stops accelerating, the pursuer can catch up.

Ballistic-arc turbolasers are dumb though, and those oversized B-wings were obnoxious.

And I felt the same way about many of the joke moments as BlueFlames did.

Overall, very enjoyable, and I look forward to seeing it again.
General Discussion / Re: *SPOILER THREAD* Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« Last post by BlueFlames on December 16, 2017, 11:31:05 pm »
Right, so I got back from my first screening (and there will definately be another, while it's still on the big screen) of TLJ a little bit ago.  These are my preliminary thoughts, in the order in which they're falling out of my brain (horizontal dividers where I suddenly shift gears):

The first half of the script is a series of scenes that could be accurately summarized as:

[Effective dramatic moment]
[Ill-advised punchline]

Humor certainly has a place in Star Wars, but this reeked of a finished script being handed to a studio hack, only for it to be handed back with scribblings in the margins, "Add some JOKES!  Audiences love JOKES!"  It was just too much and in all the wrong places.  It was made more annoying by the fact that the film did such a great job of building dramatic tension within each scene (and ultimately over the arc of the entire film, once the jokes mercifully peeter out).

So, that half-way point.  You'll know it when you get to it, because it's a moment that is just an amazing cinematic experience.  I swear, everyone in the packed theater was holding their breath, because the room went dead silent.  The visuals froze in a moment of awe, and the people in charge of the film's sound design knew to leave several seconds of silence to just let the imagry sink in.

Also--and this is where I'm throwing euphemism to the wind and going full SPOILER--the film does a great job of introducing Vice Admiral Holdo as a betrayer of the Rebellion, leaving only ambiguity in whether that treason is through complacency or intention.  Then, as they do in so many other scenes, they turn your expectations against you, when Dameron discovers the reason behind abandoning the command ship and witnesses Holdo turn that ship into a lightspeed battering ram.

How about characters, then?

Obviously, I've got to start with Rey and Kylo Ren.  Again, the first half of the movie--and indeed, The Force Awakens--sets up expectations that this film is running Rey through a condensed version of Luke's arc in Empire and Return of the Jedi.  And then the lightsaber brawl (and it is a brawl) with Snoke's royal guard concludes, the script says to the audience, "LOLNOPE!"  Ren's interaction with Rey immediately following that fight retroactively earns all of the rehashing that TFA did in order to set up the twist.  I mean, unless the most recent remaster of Return redoes the ending such that Vader kicks Luke's face in, takes the Emperor's throne, and hunts the Rebellion to the last person.

Skywalker is a far more secondary character than he's made out to be in the trailers.  That's a good thing.  TLJ isn't primarily his story, so he shouldn't hog the spotlight.  When he does have it, he uses it well.  You get a real sense of the weight of his previous failures crushing him.  That plays into one last bit of character development that he gets, as a coda to his primary arc in the original trilogy, when Yoda makes a cameo to remind Luke that failure is a part of growth.

There's a big side-arc involving Finn and Rose, which feels rather out-of-place, given the part of the main plot that runs in parallel with it.  It feels like the whole casino adventure was meant to take days of in-universe time, and the writer only realized after it was written that the Rebel fleet has hours of fuel left for the chase sequence.  I get why it wasn't cut:  It's basically the entire time that Finn and Rose have to interact in this film, and they're being set up for more in Episode IX.  The compression of the timeframe makes the whole sequence feel inartful, though, especially the way that the film cuts back and forth between the Casino and the chase.

Finally, a couple of quotes from the film to respond to (and which will be lightly paraphrased, owing to not having a copy of the script in front of me):

We won't win this war by fighting what we hate; we'll win it by saving what we love.

I've been particularly emotional lately for reasons, but I'll admit that the feels got me good on that one.  Suck it, dark and gritty reboots!  Some of us want films where the protagonists find a bit of joy in the end!

You can't solve every problem by jumping into an X-Wing and blowing something up.

This is one of those lines that gets immediately trampled by an ill-advised joke.  In the moment, it feels like one of the better jokes in the first half of the film, but in the work as a whole, it's one of the worst offenders.  There's a running theme of attrition throughout the whole movie (it's arguably a secondary theme, but it's definately there), and in this first instance where it's explicitly addressed, it gets played for a laugh.

That's a little bit of a tangent, though, because I've been dying for a film to give a serious treatment of attrition and escalation for ages.  Superhero movies have been ignoring the effects of the ever-increasing amount of collateral damage inflicted by the battles they depict since basically the turn of the century.  I was really disappointed by the Power Rangers movie, since the power build up through a typical PR episode would--if handled just ever so slightly differently from the TV series--make a natural demonstration of the moral and physical hazards of escalating a conflict.  But yeah, that opportunity got squandered by a boilerplate superhero madlib script that just happened to have the Power Rangers slotted in.  Who knew that Star Wars would be the film to come along and say, "Hey, sometimes the giant space battle isn't a worthwhile solution"?

I definately want to give this one another watch.  There's a lot going on in TLJ, and I'd like to straighten it out a little more thoroughly in my mind, before engaging in a fuller discussion of the film's themes.  If it weren't for the JOKES! and the technical awkwardness of the casino scenes, this could easily be a high watermark for the series for me.
FreeSpace & FreeSpace Open Support / Re: FS2 on a macbook pro ?
« Last post by jg18 on December 16, 2017, 10:32:49 pm »
There was an issue with the FSO Installer where macOS builds of FSO 3.7.4 had not been packaged properly and the game wouldn't start. I'm not sure if that was fixed with FSO 3.8.0. As such, could you try getting a copy of FSO 3.8.0 from the release thread? Download and open the .tar.gz file (.tar.gz is a type of compressed file like .zip files) and copy the two .app bundles inside it to your FreeSpace 2 folder.

A log from wxLauncher might also be helpful. Copy/paste this text into your macOS Terminal and press Enter:

Code: [Select]
open ~/Library/Application\ Support/wxlauncher/wxLauncher.log

This will open up the log in a macOS utility called Console. Copy/paste the contents of the log into a new post. If possible, please paste the log text into "code" tags: in the rows of buttons that appear above the text box where you write your reply post, click on the button marked with a '#', which will insert "code" tags into your post. Paste the contents of the log in between the two code tags.

Code: [Select]
The result should look like this.

If after getting the FSO builds from the 3.8 release thread you still get "Permission denied"  when trying to run the command that ngld gave you, try copy/pasting these commands into the Terminal, pressing Enter after you paste each command. Then copy/paste the output from the two commands into a post here.

Code: [Select]
ls -l /Applications/FreeSpace2/

Code: [Select]
file /Applications/FreeSpace2/

Here's what I get when I type these commands on my MacBook Pro runnning macOS Sierra:

Code: [Select]
Joshs-MacBook-Pro:~ josh$ ls -l /Applications/FreeSpace2/
[email protected] 1 josh  admin  8322088 Aug 22 10:32 /Applications/FreeSpace2/
Joshs-MacBook-Pro:~ josh$ file /Applications/FreeSpace2/
/Applications/FreeSpace2/ Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_64

Hope this helps.
General Discussion / Re: W-H-I-Y-L - boom shake-shake shake the-room.
« Last post by CP5670 on December 16, 2017, 09:38:56 pm »
I got a new car for myself, a Mazda CX5 with the fully loaded trim and packages. I love the style and handling on this. I've been driving a 17 year old minivan for many years, and it's a huge improvement over that.
FreeSpace & FreeSpace Open Support / Re: FS2 on a macbook pro ?
« Last post by WALLY on December 16, 2017, 08:10:51 pm »
Ok , its gone 0100 here and my brain has turned into porridge , so, Im closing down now, and  ill get on it tomorrow.
and let you know  what  happens.
Thanks and good night
Ah, got there, yes, I pasted the line, under the other stuff in the box,   all there was, was my name and  mac book and  last opened.
I couldnt  delete that, so I pasted  your  code , after the  cursor line.
then, when I pressed  enter, the same line  came up again, ending in ::   Permission Denied .  no error code  , just  : Permission Denied


Thanks again, gnight   Wally
FreeSpace & FreeSpace Open Support / Re: FS2 on a macbook pro ?
« Last post by ngld on December 16, 2017, 07:36:34 pm »
With "open a Terminal" I meant, open your Applications folder in Finder, then go to the Utilities (might be named a bit differently though, I'm not sure) subfolder and open the "Terminal" application there.
Once it opens up you should have a simple white window. You should be able to enter (or paste) the line there and press enter. Afterwards it should output a message which you can then copy & paste here.

Thanks for all your patience & help
Thanks for your patience as well. I'm working on making this whole process simpler so hopefully this will be much easier in the future.
FreeSpace & FreeSpace Open Support / Re: FS2 on a macbook pro ?
« Last post by WALLY on December 16, 2017, 07:16:39 pm »
I am not sure, what you mean, but , going back to the wxlauncher ,  that game root  thing, does not let me type or paste anything , in the box,  its  stuck on:        /applications/freespace 2          So , how do I get your ..


 in the box ?

Thanks for all your patience & help

OK, I am not getting an error code, but a long sentence, that I can only read half of , ??


FreeSpace & FreeSpace Open Support / Re: FS2 on a macbook pro ?
« Last post by ngld on December 16, 2017, 06:57:02 pm »
You're certainly getting closer! Can you please open a Terminal and enter the following:
Code: [Select]

That should launch FSO but since that doesn't seem to work, it will most likely generate an error message. Can you please post that here?
General Discussion / Re: What animes/series are you watching right now?
« Last post by Mammothtank on December 16, 2017, 06:56:40 pm »
Just saw Xam'd. Still somewhat perturbed after they started throwing babies into a river for their King.

Time for Concrete Revolutio!
Are you offsetting the two cameras so they're looking at different points? This URL contains the mathematics needed: Each eye should be turned away from the center by 15 degrees. So left eye should be set to 345 degrees and the right eye should be set to 15 degrees. The arc of vision for each eye should overlap with the other eye.
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