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Bug Report for Omnitech 628
Couldn't fins Bug Reporting for 628 so posting here

First of all I want to say, great Job at modding this game. I really love it.

Now onto the Bugs:


I had few CTD happening to me, most of them after prolong play time, more than 3 hours, and almost all of them are read Exception in MCoreL, Linking to pastebin for the error logs and also attaching them.

I'm playing on Windows 10 if it makes a difference, but I'm running the game with default permissions, without administrative rights. Even though my account has them. I find it unneeded.
Second is I'm running it with Intel Graphics, as you might see in the log.


Now bugs:
  • When deploying the support units, the carrier sometimes freezes in animation and nothing happens. Not sure the cause. You can't deploy support units anymore. If it happens again I'll try to quick save and send you the file.
  • Sometimes the air strike planes stay on the map after dropping the bomb. Resource points can be used regularly but you have planes obscuring the vision.
  • Pathfinding sometimes doesn't work properly. If there's a Hole in the wall but the gate is closed and not captured the mechs report that they cannot go there, so I have to click close to the wall before their pathfinding will work properly

Campaign Bugs
Exodus Campaign is bugged for me for whatever reason. The second mission with Helicopter escort, helicopter stays in one place near extraction. Even If I abandon it and go do all objective and come back to extraction nothing happens.

I thought you wouldn't mind a request on here. Could we get quick load from Main Menu? Because otherwise, I have to load up a mission first and than click on quick load.