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FS2 Open Coding - The Source Code Project (SCP) / Re: New to FS2Open - how do i play?
« Last post by Stealth on November 20, 2017, 11:20:19 pm »
K so I think I figured it out.

Launched "YAL", and then selected the "fs2_open_3_8_0_AVX" (let me know if I should pick one of the other ones?)
Went to 'mod' and selected MediaVPs_2014, but that doesn't show anything on the 'mod details' screen (see screenshot - not sure if I did something wrong?)
I can run the game, but can't really tell a difference (at least judging by the first few seconds of the first training mission) between the 'no mod' vanilla FS2, and the media FS2.  Shields, etc. look the same, although I did notice the mediaVPs have no background nebula?
FS2 Open Coding - The Source Code Project (SCP) / New to FS2Open - how do i play?
« Last post by Stealth on November 20, 2017, 11:04:32 pm »
Hi -

I installed FS2 to the default directory from the FS2 CDs, then downloaded the FS2Open Installer (v2.3.0).
Ran through the 'Custom' installer, and selected all the 2014 FSU Media VPs, FSU v3.6.12 MediaVPs, the FS port, ST Reborn, FS Port Media VPs 3.6.12.  Guess I must have forgotten to pick a launcher, as after it downloaded 13GB of files, I went to the FS2 directory, and couldn't find a launcher.

Re-ran the setup, this time picking 'custom' again, and selecting Freespace Open 3.8.0 Win64 Std and Win64 AVX, along with "YAL" for Windows.

Pic1 shows the current modules I've installed

Pic2 shows my FS2 folder

I've tried the "fs2_open_3_8_0_*" files, and they open FS2 as normal

Question - where do I select what Media VPs it uses?

Also, where do I select some of the other campaigns - silent threat reborn, FS port, etc?
FreeSpace Discussion / Re: I forgot how to install my own MOD
« Last post by Max Sterling on November 20, 2017, 09:39:34 pm »
You're welcome. :yes:

You might be able to get some help fixing the mod if you ask on the forums or on IRC or Discord.

Ah, if I only had time to fix it. :)
FS2 Open Tools / Re: Looking for Modelview
« Last post by Max Sterling on November 20, 2017, 09:37:53 pm »
I wanted to look at some FS2 custom models, but the links to download the tools here aren't currently working. Does anyone have a source? (And if there's a newer, better tool, please point me in the right direction, forgive my ignorance.)

Which link isn't working?  Tell us where you found it and we'll fix it.

You may also want to try POF Constructor Suite, which is the spiritual successor to ModelView.

It's been years but the FS2 mods and the community were really meaningful to me and so I think of you guys whenever I'm working on sci-fi projects... I even hope to involve you all in some if they take off! :)

Bosch Beer is still a community in-joke. :)

Cool, thanks. :) The links to download the DMTOOLS were not working when I checked. Link:

Mission & Campaign Releases / Re: RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II
« Last post by potterman28wxcv on November 20, 2017, 06:12:00 pm »
I just finished the story, and well what a ride!

Gameplay is absolutely awesome. It's definitely playable on Insane, and I enjoyed every little bit of it. The ancient weapons look so cool you really feel powerful when using them. The stealth missions are one of the bests I have ever played.

The Ancient ship designs is just wonderful. These giant cannons are superb. The first specie we fight also has very cool design - I really liked how they had plenty of turrets in their fighter/bombers and had shields, while the Ancients priviledged strong armor. It gives some kind of "civilization design" to the whole thing.

I had the "wow" moments more than once. Especially later on in Act 2, shivans are absolutely everywhere and you really feel it in the mission.

The only gripe I had is plotwise and weapon wise in regards to the Shivans
First they encounter a Demon, then the Lucifer.. Ok, very FS1. And just as I thought "Ok right now, Sathanas is the only thing missing to the party", a couple of missions later there goes the Sathanas! The problem I have is that it's supposed to happen way before the Great War. If they already had Sathanas back then, why didn't they launch them during the Great War ? Especially since they destroy a star before attacking the homeworld. In FS1 it's the contrary - first they try attacking Earth, then somehow Shivan forces retreat with the loss of the Lucifer, only to get back in FS2 with the Sathanas.

So I find that the events in the Ancients era aren't really logical compared to what we saw in FS1. Also, reading through the draft for the other acts, multiple Lucifers?? It's clearly not compatible with the fact that Shivans "lost the will to fight" after Lucifer's destruction in FS1.. To me, the Lucifer really was a flagship for the Shivans, and was the biggest flagship back then. Between FS1 and FS2 I can only imagine that the Shivans got stronger and got enough power to build all the Sathanas.. But I don't see the Shivans having Sathanas during the Ancient-era.

And if Lucifers are really an actual part of the Shivan armada (like, not a flagship, but an actual weapon used to destroy homeworlds), then why don't we see any Lucifer in FS2 ?

In terms of lore I would have preferred to stick to Lucifer being the flagship destroying everything in its path ; then they discover it can be destroyed in subspace, but it's too late and they have too small of a force to do it.. Then I would imagine the Lucifer destroying whatever remains of the Ancients, and go back to whatever dimension to they belong after the ancients got wiped out.

But these lore points aside, it's really a must play for me. Tons of fun guaranteed :)
The Modding Workshop / Re: What are you working on?
« Last post by MitoPL on November 20, 2017, 06:07:09 pm »
How bad did it crash? Perhaps you could be able to retrieve some of the data stored on it using some kind of free software tool.
Nightly Builds / Nightly: 20 November 2017 - Revision 9fed19d
« Last post by SirKnightly on November 20, 2017, 04:05:58 pm »
Here is the nightly for 20 November 2017 - Revision 9fed19d

Group: MacOSX
nightly_20171120_9fed19d-builds-MacOSX.tar.gz (Mirror)

Group: Linux
nightly_20171120_9fed19d-builds-Linux.tar.gz (Mirror)

Group: Win64 (Mirror)

Group: Win32 (Mirror)

Code: [Select]
commit 9446e61
Author: MageKing17 <Thu Nov 9 12:06:03 2017 -0800>
Commit: MageKing17 <Sat Nov 18 16:55:58 2017 -0800>

    Add in-game BMPMAN usage display.
 code/bmpman/bmpman.cpp   | 14 ++++++++++++++
 code/bmpman/bmpman.h     |  9 +++++++++
 code/cmdline/cmdline.cpp |  8 ++++++++
 code/cmdline/cmdline.h   |  1 +
 code/io/keycontrol.cpp   |  5 +++++
 freespace2/freespace.cpp |  7 ++++++-
 6 files changed, 43 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
The Modding Workshop / Re: What are you working on?
« Last post by bomb3rman on November 20, 2017, 03:20:52 pm »
I'm rearranging stuff for Friends and Foes 2, actually. The first 8 missions are almost finished.

But now to the downside: My HDD crashed. I have a copy of the FaF2 campaign stuff including all models and tables. But all my star maps, notes and the (almost) complete outline of the campaign are gone... This will need some time to rebuild everything, but I already have some new ideas. I take it as a challenge: Everything I can't remember wasn't worth to be written down, anyway  :p
Gaming Discussion / Re: Let's play Blood Bowl II: Legendary Edition
« Last post by StarSlayer on November 20, 2017, 01:38:15 pm »
Bring me'z ur Northmen!

FreeSpace Discussion / Re: The Vasudan Ace?
« Last post by X3N0-Life-Form on November 20, 2017, 11:50:16 am »
Yeah of course more hitpoints make a fight longer and not better... but hey, it is the standard method in most boss fights in video games  :D Most of the boss battles in video games are only long, but not difficult.

Actually i used the "Moar Hitpoints" solution myself for all the aces in the FSPort Single Missions.

But to make a better opponent in general, you have to create an invidiual #Ace ship class of the specific Ace ship with other/better stats as it seems.

Special Hitpoints next to an higher AI class seems to be the best method to do without modding in the tbl files.
That's pretty much it, it's quite difficult to create a satisfying ace-on-ace scenario, especially under Freespace's combat model. Most fighters die in 1-2 seconds of sustained fire, so having a prolonged battle means that neither fighter manages to score hits on the other, which can quickly grow rather frustrating - see the SF Dragon.

So, unless you want to script the hell out of the fight, your options are rather limited :
1 - Give the ace a fighter & AI that's better than what you've faced so far, eg. a Seth while you've only faced Anubis so far
2 - Give the ace a fighter that's blatantly better than yours, eg. facing a Perseus while you're flying an Anubis
3 - Cheat and give the ace better stats compared to the base fighter, eg. special hitpoints & AI, custom #Ace variant, etc.
4 - Cheat even further and give the ace abilities you don't even have access to, eg. gliding, cloaking device, weapons it shouldn't be able to use, etc.
5 - Make everybody else dumber, eg. everybody's a lieutenant & he's a general, or everybody's using retail AI & he's using fury AI

And each of these has pros & cons :
#1 works alright in early-game, but kinda loses value upon replays.
#2 & #4 are effective, but rather obviously unfair.
#3 is rather tricky since you typically don't want the player to notice that the AI is cheating, which means you can't make the AI too strong compared to other fighters of the same type, otherwise you might as well say the AI has a super custom fighter & you are back to #2.
#5 means you are potentially sacrificing the quality of every other fights to make this one more satisfying if you are not careful. It should work if you are going for a more arcade-y feel though : drop everybody like flies, then this guy shows up.

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