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HILFE - "alcGetString" in der DLL "OpenAL32.dll" nicht gefunden

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You have everything correct then....

Just two things:

1. Be sure you have NOT installed to "My Documents" or "Desktop".  If you did, then move the folder to another place on your hard disk.

2. If you are already in compliance with #1, then delete the launcher6.ini file, and try again.

I installed from the desktop but in game directory...

when I delete the launcher6.ini file the launcher (V. 5.5c) starts without a problem. When I select the D:\Spiele\Freespace\fs2_open_3_6_9.exe I get the error screen:

Translated: "The procedure entrance point "alcGetString" was not found in the DLL "OpenAl32.dll".

When I click on okay I get the "Fatal Error" message:
"Failed to read flag file".

Thx for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you download OpenAl32.dll by itself?

it was already on my computer.

On the advice by the former poster, I've deleted it, downloaded it again and installed it. With the same result... 

Is it necessary to have Freespace 2 on the PC before installing with Turey's installer?

thx for the help!


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