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3.6.12 Changelog (since 3.6.10)
In order to keep everyone current with the new features and fixes in 3.6.12 I've decided to keep a changelog. Whenever a new feature is added, a quick summary of how it works can be added. That way everyone should be kept aware of all the new stuff going into 3.6.12 builds.

Unless you are an SCP coder you should not post on this thread. If you want to discuss a change start a discussion thread about it. Any non SCP posts will be split and repeat offenders dealt with. :p Coders should try to keep the list to things non-coders actually care about. We all do a lot of stuff behind the scenes but anyone interested in the full changelog can simply look at the SVN log to read up on that.

Anyway, here's some of the stuff I've added since 3.6.10

  • Profiling changes to catch bottlenecks, game should run 5-10 FPS faster
  • Advanced Team Loadout Functions
  • Ability to play cutscenes before Fiction, Command Brief, Brief, Game Start and Debrief.
  • Ability to chat to team mates only in TvT games briefings using /f: (you can also send a message to hostiles using /h:)
  • Added support for lua to pass SEXP variables from client to server in multiplayer
  • Added support for multiple docking in multiplayer
  • Fix hud_gauges.tbl to allow the use of "$Wireframe Targetbox: x" to determine if the targetbox uses wireframe by default and $Lock Wireframe Mode: TRUE to prevent the player from changing it.
  • Fix the issue where using " or ; in briefings and messages causes them to either vanish or truncate the message
  • Various UI changes for FRED allowing easier cutting and pasting of variables, SEXPs and Data
  • Added Trigger Count for events as an alternative to Repeat Count. Why it was needed is explained here
  • Setting No Traitor by SEXP after the player has turned traitor now switches the traitor debriefing off, allowing the mission designer to supply his own via a debriefing stage
  • Allow beams on any player ship to count for kills. Not just fighters and bombers.
  • Cap on the maximum number of messages in a mission was removed.
  • Allow FREDders to specify the maximum delay before a player ship will respawn in multiplayer
  • Builtin Messages fixed to allow multiple messages of the same type for the each persona.
  • New BuiltIn messages
    • Praise Self - Pilot praises himself for a kill. NB I'm likely to change how often these play in some way, probably making it possible to define how boastful a pilot is about his kills.
    • High Praise - This plays a different praise message if the player has more than 10 kills. If the message doesn't exist the game will play the old praise message instead.
    • Rearm Primaries - When calling in support this message will be played instead of the more generic message if the pilot is out of ballistic primaries
    • Primaries Low - If a ship is unable to call in support, this message will be played when it starts running low on ballistic primaries
  • New SEXPs
    • do-for-valid-arguments
    • validate-argument
    • afterburner-energy-pct
    • weapon-energy-pct
    • get-damage-caused
    • primary-fired-since
    • secondary-fired-since
    • set-afterburner-energy
    • set-weapon-energy
    • set-shield-energy
    • set-ambient-light
    • set-respawns
    • get-throttle-speed
  • Various SEXPs were fixed to work properly in multiplayer. Fixed SEXPs include
    • change-soundtrack
    • set-persona
    • change-subsystem-name
    • change-ship-class
    • play-sound-from-table
    • play-sound-from-file
    • close-sound-from-file
    • ship-targetable-as-bomb
    • ship-untargetable-as-bomb
    • ship-invisible
    • ship-visible
    • ship-stealthy
    • ship-unstealthy
    • friendly-stealth-invisible
    • friendly-stealth-visible
    • lock-afterburner
    • unlock-afterburner
    • lock-primary-weapon
    • unlock-primary-weapon
    • lock-secondary-weapon
    • unlock-secondary-weapon
    • set-afterburner-energy
    • set-weapon-energy
    • set-shield-energy
  • AI Profile additions - Defaults given.
    • $Repair Penalty: 10, 20, 35, 50, 60 - The number of points deducted from the player when a support ship docks to them.
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Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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Here's my list:

Modders will like:
  • remove-goals sexp
  • Fix for Mantis 1938 - Music TBMs will crash FSO if there is not a Menu Music section
  • Fix for Mantis 1933 - Gauges showing in external view
  • FPS always shown if -fps is specified in the command line
  • DirectX Graphics removal
  • Infinite Loop fixed in hudmessage.cpp where single word string is longer than screen width
  • KKs shield checking code
  • Aardwolfs Assertion in gr.drawTargetingBrackets (patch modified slightly)
  • Particle zoomzoom (5722)

Coders (will?) like:
  • Various profiling (including performance)
  • safe_strings - changes to Antipodes will be merged across soon
  • Static Analysis warnings
  • CVS Comments removal
  • PDB Callstacks for VS2008
  • Speech compilation for VS2008 users (using PSDK)
  • Rewrote contructors to remove memset(this,0)
  • Various VS2008 solution changes
  • SCP_vm_allocator
  • SCP_vector
  • Python Stripped
  • NEW_HUD Stripped
  • Various VC ifdefs (VC6 does not make use of safe_strings, PDB_DEBUGGING, SCP_vm_allocator)
  • 5264,5307 - Lots of various logic bugs and fixes - a lot of these may actually be noticeable :D
  • Lots of correcting of memset, memcpy and str* usage
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Here's a few things I've committed.

  • 'intrinsic no shields' ship flag - for those wanting to mix normally shielded and unshielded ships in a loadout, but still want all ships to have a shield mesh/surface shields defined
  • force shields enabled parse object flag for those ships with intrinsic no shields - inverse of disabling shields in fred
  • Really fix the 3d shockwave launcher flag this time (Mantis #1959)
  • Fire down normals flag fixed - Keldor's patch
  • 'no primary linking' ship flag
  • Unlock more briefing text colors (patch from Zacam)
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  • New Glide Features (ships.tbl)
    • +Dynamic Glide Cap: Maximum glide speed is affected by the same rules as maximum speed in normal flight (specifically, afterburner and power redirected to/from engines). If set to YES, overrides +Max Glide Speed.
    • +Glide Accel Mult: Defines the acceleration multiplier for the gliding mode. If > 0, sets a fixed acceleration rate in glide mode depending on value. If set to 0, impossible to accelerate while in glide mode. If negative, enables glide speed ramping (acceleration in glide mode ramps in the same way as in normal flight). Defaults to 0.
    • $Use Newtonian Dampening: Allows newtonian dampening on a per-ship basis. Glide works much better with newtonian dampening enabled (either here or in AI_Profiles).
  • $nocollide_this_only and $collide_invisible submodel flags
    • $nocollide_this_only turns off collisions for a submodel, but NOT its children (unlike $no_collisions).
    • $collide_invisible allows weapon impacts on submodels with the special "invisible" texture.
    • These flags are intended to support models with a special "collision mesh" separate from the main visible meshes. Collision detection takes a lot of CPU time for complex models, and this helps mitigate that.
  • $Vaporize Percent Chance (ships.tbl): Specifies how often ships will explode instantly instead of doing the normal "death roll."
  • $Expl Visual Rad (ships.tbl): Specifies the visual size of the main fireball for ship explosions
  • $Damage Lightning Type (ships.tbl): Allows damage lightning effect to be changed (current options are default and none) on a per-ship basis.
  • +Lightning Arc Percent (under $Debris) (ships.tbl): Controls the percentage of debris chunks with damage lightning arcs
  • New AI Features (AI_Profiles.tbl and AI.tbl)
    • $Primary Ammo Burst Multiplier: lets AI fire ballistic primaries in bursts, conserving ammo and looking cool.
    • $Glide Attack Percent: lets AI use glide in dogfights
    • $Circle Strafe Percent: lets AI use "Descent-like" combat in dogfights, maintaining distance and using sidethrust to move around a target
    • $Glide Strafe Percent: lets AI use glide when attacking capships
    • $Allow Vertical Dodge: lets AI dodge incoming fire vertically as well as horizontally
    • $Max Aim Update Delay: allows control over how often AI updates their aim
    • $Autoscale by AI Class Index: option to disable AI autoscaling based on order in AI.tbl
    • $Fix AI class bug: fixes a (retail) bug where AI class attributes were never properly set for ships with AI class set in FRED
  • Expanded AI.tbl functionality
    • AI Classes can override certain AI Profiles settings for that specific class
  • Fixes
    • Checking subsystems that are allowed cargo is case-insensitive
    • Fix for mantis 2031 (AI class autoscale broken for more than default # of AI classes)
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  • Turret (subsystem) flags:
    • "salvo mode"
      Forces turret to fire all the firingpoints simultaneously using only one weapon (first primary or lacking primaries, first secondary)
    • "fixed firingpoints"
      Forces game to use a fixed (non-alternating) firing points for the weapons.
    • "no subsystem targeting"
      Tells turrets not to target specific subsystems on the large target
    • "fire on target"
      Tells turret not to fire unless the firingpoint is aligned with the targets predicted position (ie. the firing vector)
    • "reset when idle"
      Tells turret to reset if it has not been firing at the enemy
  • Ships.tbl options:
    • 2D and 3D radar images
    • Enabled turret and subsystem sounds
    • Converging autoaim, Automatic convergence, Manual convergence options with minimum distance and offset vectors
    • Option to set delay - per turret - before it starts to reset
    • Limited elevation turrets
    • Limited base rotation turrets
    • Option to define alternate names for subsystem when they appear on damage popup screen
    • Option to use multiple lines of text with alternate subsystem names
    • Option to define EMP resistance for ships
    • Option to allow turrets ignore secondary - hard coded - fov limits
  • Objecttypes.tbl options:
    • $Turrets prioritize ship target:
      Allows defining if turrets prioritize ships current target
  • Weapons.tbl options
    • "smart spawn" flag
      Tells game not to use hardcoded 'defensive firing' mode for turrets with spawn type weapons.
    • "inherit parent target" flag
      Phreak's flag to allow spawn weapons to inherit parent weapon's target.
    • Weapon hitpoints
    • Option to define EMP immunity for hitpointed weapons
    • Burst fire option
  • Alternate IFF colors setup
  • Ai_profiles table option
    • Option to set delay after launch before weapon/weapon collisions are detected
    • Option to allow turrets ignore secondary - hard coded - fov limits
  • Turret targeting priorities setup
  • Option to set fade outs to the contrail/trail leading edge
  • Scripting related
    • Option to allow lua to fully override flight controls
    • Mouse control options for lua
  • Fix to joystick sensitivity
  • Option to define the limit for AI missile firings against player
  • Options to allow ship thruster cone texture and missiles both thruster cones texture and glow texture (and radius) to be defined
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Here's my currently work in progress list of commits:

  • Fixes to the unified shader code to address Mac OS X specific driver bugs
  • A clean up of the Xcode project file to improve the reliability of building different products, and to prepare for Xcode updates
  • Xcode project file updates to include the png and zlib features (see Zacam's post for details)
  • Miscellaneous commits to ensure new features work cross platform and compile with GCC
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  • In conjunction with Flaming_Sword:
    • ANI streaming corrections and better EFF flexibility
    • PNG File format support
    • Additional credits for PNG Support: ni1s (Linux support) & The_E (testing), Echelon9 (xcode) and blowfish (testing) for Mac, chief1989 for testing and fixes.
  • FRED Learns to Write: Mantis 2033
       Debug logs for FRED2_Open are written separately from fs2_open (same location, different file)
  • Just in Case: Mantis 2059
       Int3 on Mission briefing removed, debug builds will show a warning, but mission will still progress.
  • Oh Briefing, My Briefing: Mantis 1992
       In conjunction with Pedro, '$c' operations now display much better in briefings, no longer having hyphenation or word wrap problems.
       New case function '$|' available when you want to control when coloring stops.
  • Taste the Rainbow: Expanded the amount of colors available to use in Briefing text
  • Revision Bell: Mantis 2035
       Still in progress, but now the builds Revision data can be displayed in the build and in the logs
  • Antacid Time: From SparkBR (originally intended for FringeSpace) Reverse After Burner support.
  • Crossing the Divide: Cross-Platform Warnings resolution for cases of signed/unsigned mismatches in /code/.

  • Visual Studio 2008 Project changes:
    • SSE/SSE2 now available in Debug flavors
    • Inferno Release and Debug Builds available is SSE/SSE2
    • Optimizations made to Project Options (/fp:precise) speed enhancement for Release Builds
    • Build types now utilize separate distinctive Icons (For FSO exe only, currently. FRED Icons in progress)
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Anything else for this?
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Lets see:

  • Sexps to control turret target priorities, optimum range, and direction preference
  • Improved naming conflict detection in FRED
  • Sexp to change armor types on ship, shield, and subsystems.
  • Remove arbitrary FRED limit on special hits
  • Bump the corkscrew missile limit (200) and the Dock point limit (1000)
  • Update num-ships-in-battle sexps to take ships and wings (along with Kara)
  • Percent-ships-arrived sexp
  • Fix shockwave problem on BSG type jumps
  • Add more pages to pxo_help to fix retail bug on low res and allow for more help info for mods

Probably some other minor stuff as well.  Know I fed a lot of one line oops fixes to Kara and some others. 

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Re: 3.6.12 Changelog (since 3.6.10)
All right, here's a list of nearly all my SVN commits between 3.6.10 and now.  (Some minor commits, such as warning fixes and project file changes, are not included.)


Sexp additions and enhancements:
  • added support for sexp arrays using variable-array-get and variable-array-set
  • replaced hits-left-subsystem with hits-left-subsystem-generic and hits-left-subsystem-specific
  • deprecated WMC's old show-subtitle sexp, replacing it with show-subtitle-text and show-subtitle-image which handle resolutions and scaling correctly
  • cleaned up the end-campaign sexp, paving the way for end-of-campaign movies
  • improved type safety for sexp operators
  • improved sexp handling of subsystems

Animation support:
  • audited and merged Zacam's and Flaming_Sword's patch for ANI streaming
  • added support for hi-res ANIs in command briefing and tech room
  • improved animation support for dodgy cbanims, some of which were from FS1

Fiction viewer:
  • added support for up to two additional fonts using fonts.tbl
  • fiction viewer can now use a different font from the briefing
  • added fiction viewer support to FRED: fiction viewer dialog box, plus proper mission saving
  • added support for multiple interfaces in fiction viewer

  • improved waypoint support
  • improved checking for persona heads in messages
  • added support for handling SVN revisions in the FSO version number
  • added Zacam's patch for extra briefing colors
  • added Pedro's and Zacam's patch for enhanced briefing token support
  • added FRED support for saving "hidden" debriefing information
  • bumped MAX_ASTEROIDS to 512
  • bumped MAX_SHIP_BAY_PATHS to 31


  • fixed how the no-collide ship flag was handled
  • fixed overflow bug for starting wings with six ships
  • fixed bug where messages coming from #shipname would check for a ship (Mantis #1874)
  • fixed support ship message using the wrong persona (Mantis #1942)
  • cleaned up some of WMC's old code that caused the Transcend waypoint bug
  • fixed case changing in wing names (Mantis #2017)
  • fixed spurious warning of custom wing names (Mantis #1967)
  • fixed incorrect handling of friendly stealth ships
  • fixed orientation of warp animations
  • fixed a bunch of problem areas where certain sexps (including beam-free-all and beam-lock-all) wouldn't evaluate all of their arguments
  • fixed invisible ships showing their names on the HUD (Mantis #2044)
  • separated handling of Knossos warpin and warpout (Mantis #2128)
  • fixed several four-year-old issues in the show-subtitle sexp (Mantis #1752 and elsewhere)
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Re: 3.6.12 Changelog (since 3.6.10)
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