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Feature Request: More button, axes, and hats seen?
Hi, I have a mixed-brand, multi-USB port HOTAS setup that I wish to use for FSO. I've made a virtual joystick, bound my buttons twice over so I can use a shift key, the whole thing. But it wasn't recognising any button past 32, and only one hat. I understand that's a known limitation, but everything I found when I searched for it here said that you guys were waiting for something to finish being transitioned from one... something... to another - sorry, been a while since I read the topics, and I can't seem to find them again - and then you'd look at making FSO see more than 6 axes, 32 buttons, and 1 hat. From what I remember reading, which may be wrong, those topics were prior to 3.7.4's release, and 3.7.4 said the transition was complete.

If my notoriously-faulty memory is correct and that is the case, is anyone working on allowing people who blew more money than they should have on a HOTAS with more buttons than FSO can see to utilise the full potential of their overly-expensive control setup?

If not, could they, please?

In the interim, I can bind all the buttons past the 32 limit to keyboard combinations, and that will allow me to play, but I'd really prefer to be able to bind them all directly in FSO, if possible.

Re: Feature Request: More button, axes, and hats seen?
From what I understand, being able to work with more axes and hats is in the works as a long term goal and the switch to SDL everywhere was one of the steps toward this in addition to the fact that using SDL increases cross-platform compatibility. However, FSO is currently in a feature freeze/code freeze other than bug fixes and optimizations as part of the run-up to the 3.8.x release, and I don't know that this would be something that is being worked on right now. Someone from the SCP group would have more info.
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Re: Feature Request: More button, axes, and hats seen?
SDL2 was added after 3.7.4; it allows FSO to use multiple devices, however support for that and the additional buttons/axes/etc requires more work. As LaineyBugsDaddy said, we're in a feature freeze at the moment so after 3.8 would be the earliest it could be added. As for the question "is anyone working on it?" I don't know. Actually owning a HOTAS setup as you describe would certainly help such an effort but I don't know if any of the SCP members have such a device.
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Re: Feature Request: More button, axes, and hats seen?
To be honest, replicating what is needed to support could be done by plugging in multiple sticks, the throttle is probably just another collection of buttons, hats, and axis, just like a joystick.  Maybe sdl is smart enough to give it a better device name but we'll figure that out at some point.  Goodwill often has a joystick on the shelves.
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Re: Feature Request: More button, axes, and hats seen?
Unless I'm misremembering, this is on z64555's to-do list. I volunteered to help whenever he gets around to working on it; I actually started work on the necessary pilot file changes some time ago when I thought we might need them for hat switches to work properly.
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Re: Feature Request: More button, axes, and hats seen?
Yep, definitely on my todo list. I keep getting distracted by other shinies.  :rolleyes:
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Re: Feature Request: More button, axes, and hats seen?
Getting distracted by shinies? I wouldn't know anything about that... *cough* *shoves half a dozen partially-completed projects behind something with their foot*
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