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WIP - Warehouse Station
This is a project I took on late last year at the request of JCDNWarrior. He PMed me out of the blue with a really fantastic idea for what he called a "Cargo Missing Link" - essentially a space warehouse, where freighters could dock, drop off cargo, pick up new cargo etc. He sent me a little sketch that had the basic idea, except he wanted it to be a modular add-on for an existing station. What intrigued me, though, was a tiny element in the sketch - an internal box marked "Hangarbay?"which I saw as a hangar within a hangar - an idea that I loved. That and the obvious utility of the idea (and the fact that it was a cool new stiation idea I'd not thought of) got me hooked on the concept.

I quickly realised it would have to be standalone - it was too complex and big to be an addon - and that it would need to be toned down slightly from what he originally was thinking of. But I still think that what I'm working on will be useful in that "missing link" role - a nexus for cargo transfer, where cargo inside a container can be seen, visually and in game - to transfer to a destination, as opposed to just being dropped near it.

Here's where I'm at at the moment:

Obviously, lots still to add. The underside is largely barren, the top of the conning tower thing needs some greebles (probably sensor equipment) and most of the cut out gaps need more geometry in them so that they don't feel too sparsely populated. But a lot of the concepts are there. The sticking out docks will be animated, so they'll only extend when something docks, to grab the cargo container and the freighter separately. There are also the pits in the upper surface - the doors next to them will normally cover the pits, and will only slide back when a ship is bringing in some cargo.

I'm also really fond of the fact that this will have a huge "freighterbay" that the player will be able to fly inside of. It'll be designed so that Chronos freighters can fly inside and dock, which I think will be quite cool. You can also see there's a fighterbay in there, and a shuttlebay at the back. When you start a mission from this thing, you'll have to fly out the main bay. Of course, right now the geometry in there is far too sparse for that level of player proximity, so there's a lot of work to be done in there as well. Not as much as you might think though - the intent is that it will have plenty of cargo containers inside it when its ingame (there're a few in there now, but they're just for scale - the final model will be bare, and they'll be added with dockpoints) - that will have the effect of increasing the player's perceived detail without adding massively to my workload.

The current mesh is 69,000 polies, but a few thousand of them will be from the freighters and cargo containers in the mesh. The ultimate budget is somewhere around 90,000, but most of what's there has already been UVed, so I'd say I'm probably about 75% of the way to texturing.

Other than just showing the model to the community (I'd posted it in IRC, but was encouraged to post a topic here as well), I'm also looking for ideas, especially for internal geometry. I want to add a few more doors and make a low poly pseudo mainhall in the corner, plus some docking pads for a Chronos or two, but that wont fill it. Also, I'm going to substantially modify the conning tower looking thing (at the very least it'll be made substantially shorter - I don't really like it, but I'm not sure what would go better there).

This is probably my number two priority over the next little bit (I have another ship promised to someone else that I need to be cracking on with) but I'll try and post some progress as soon as possible.
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Re: WIP - Warehouse Station
Looks good.  Always nice to see cool new stations.


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Re: WIP - Warehouse Station
Needs a crane on top or bottom?
Docks love a crane....


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Re: WIP - Warehouse Station
This looks fantastic! I love installations like this, they add so much realism and flavor.  :D
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Re: WIP - Warehouse Station

As for things that make sense adding: Besides the crane already mentioned, a system to move containers around without having ships or drones fly in directly might be a cool addition. Think of a mag-lev- or rail-system; putting it on the underside of the station, away from ship traffic, would be logical and give you something to fill the empty space...
(plus a TTC 1 going rounds would make for a nice rotation subsystem :D)
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