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Screencap Contest - May 2017
This month's theme is going to be…  Sense of scale

FreeSpace is known for its huge ships, but that scale isn't always apparent. Show us just how big things are.

The rules are:
No Photoshop or post-processing!! (That is, no touching it up after taking the screenshot)
Maximum 3 entries per person!!!

Use the screencap script to help you take that perfect shot!

Darius - 1
niffiwan - 1
tomimaki - 1
thisisaverylongusername - 1

Re: Screencap Contest - May 2017

A chimera is pretty big but a Titan is on another level.
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Re: Screencap Contest - May 2017
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Re: Screencap Contest - May 2017

This is capship command.
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Re: Screencap Contest - May 2017

27m vs. 700m vs. 4000m

Please don't shoot yet!
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Re: Screencap Contest - May 2017

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Re: Screencap Contest - May 2017
Nice shot :)

I would have taken a third one with the tiny dragon on the foreground and the huge bomber on the background, I like that kind of perspective to show off differences in size.


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Re: Screencap Contest - May 2017
My entires:

If you need scale, five kilometers of "GTVA oppression" can do nothing but deliver.
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Re: Screencap Contest - May 2017
Damn sons. :yes:

*is still convinced that the Ursa has a party deck with a fully-stocked mini bar*


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Re: Screencap Contest - May 2017
Ok, let's go with something different

And yeah, the Ursa would probably need a third shot, maybe showing off it's side or sth (the front is ugly as hell)
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Re: Screencap Contest - May 2017
My entries:

"The Shivans... Wait...What is that behind the Sathanas?"

"Command, we are pretty banged up. We need a complete overhaul"


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Re: Screencap Contest - May 2017
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Re: Screencap Contest - May 2017

Re: Screencap Contest - May 2017
Couple of contributions from the FotG team: