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HLP Newsletter - June 2016

Hear ye, hear ye! It's time for the June 2016 Newsletter of Amazing Space Simulation Related Content!

HLP Newsletter - May 2016

May I interest you in the latest newsletter of activity on HLP? (No pun intended) I am sure you would like all the pretty pictures and content. (No pun intended still) Where could you put it? I'm sure you have the... free space for it. (While Axem gets sacked for terrible puns, check out the monthly activity!)

HLP Newsletter - April 2016

April Fools! You thought I forgot all about this newsletter didn't you! I guess that makes you the April Fool. Or did you expect this and in that case, I'm the April Fool. Aren't we all just fools in the grand scheme of the universe? Let's put those deep thoughts aside as we take a look at last month's work.

And boy there is a lot of it.

HLP Newsletter - March 2016

Left! Left! Left right left! You know what that sound is? The sounds of the latest newsletter Marching right towards you! Now drop and give me 50 reads! That's an order, private!

HLP Newsletter - February 2016

February is here, which means its time for you to start thinking about which ship you want to ask out on a romantic date. I've got my heart set on a special ship, the Colossus. She said she had to go to Capella real quick, something about lots of Shivans. So while I'm waiting for her to get back, let's go see what was happening in January!

HLP Newsletter - January 2016

Welcome to 2016! Only 319 years until we meet the Shivans so I think we should maybe sorta kinda get ready for that. Anyway be sure to check out what everyone at HLP released last year in campaigns. Let's hope for another super productive year! Let's get on with this!