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  • (Re)Release: Ridiculous

    This campaign is ridiculous, and you should feel ridiculous while playing it

  • Freespace Tactics

    A Kickstarter project has formed for a board game based in the Terran-Vasudan war

  • Volition Interview

    SpaceGameJunkie interviews Adam Pletcher, Mike Kulas, Dave Baranec, and Jason Scott!

  • FS2S is back

    Freespace 2 Sector, one of the oldest Freespace websites is back again, under a new name.

  • High Def Asteroids

    Shivan Hunter has released a set of high detail asteroids


HLP Newsletter - January 2015

Welcome to the woooorld of tomorrow, or 2015.  In fact this newsletter is actually pretty darn late, so that welcome is weeks ago…  Anyway, I'm so excited to see what's in store for 2015! New campaigns, new models and new engine features. But before we embark on this new crusade through the year, let's take a quick look at December's accomplishments.

New Site Launched! Much Derp, Very Bug!

So instead of waiting for this thing to reach perfection (hah!), we've decided to launch early and iterate occasionally (or whenever something important breaks, whichever comes first). So have at it. smile

HLP Newsletter - July 2014

I hope summer is treating everyone well! You know, if outside is too hot and humid, why not stay inside and play some FreeSpace campaigns? With that FreeSpace installer back in action, it's easier than ever to get some nice content.

HLP Newsletter - June 2014

Did you happen to catch what recently got dropped on Steam? Why our old friend, Descent: Freespace. But where is FreeSpace 2 you ask? Worry not, it's on its way.

So what did we get done with last month in anticipation of all of this.

SCP Release: 3.7.2 RC2

RC2 has been released with a freshly laundered debug console (thanks to z64555)