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HLP Newsletter - November 2015

Welcome to Novamber, the month of Novas! Let's get this list started with Capel- Oh? What's that? I'm being told its actually November... I guess we talk about cool embers? I wish I had more time to prepare for that, but instead let's just do the usual monthly recap of activity at HLP!

HLP Newsletter - October 2015

Here we are at October again, you know what that means… The harvesting of the headz crops! Pumpkin spiced Helios bombs! And spooky scary Sathanases! I love this time of year!

HLP Newsletter - September 2015

Get your books ready, its back to school time! Time to learn about the 3 R's, Reloading, Rolling and Really Great Modding. Be sure to study this newsletter hard, there will be an exam at the end of the semester!


Now for the reading material!

HLP Newsletter - August 2015

How are those dog days of summer treating everyone? I hope you're staying cool under that hot hot sun. Why don't you take a break and check out these icy hot going ons at HLP?

HLP Newsletter - July 2015

It's July! That means fun in the sun! Adventures at the beach! Relaxing at the cabin! Or maybe you're like me and allergic to all that stuff. Well not the relaxing part anyway. If you're out and about, let me fill you in with these exciting happenings at HLP!

HLP Newsletter - June 2015

I live! Budget cuts can't stop me from reporting on HLP  for too long… Well it was a nice vacation anyway. But now it's time to get back to work! What were we up to this month?