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HLP Newsletter - September 2017

It's back to school time! As you ready yourself for another year of education, be sure to remember the 3 R's. Reading (newsletters), releasing (new stuff), and replying (to amazing content). I'll help you with the first one, but it's on you to do the other two!

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HLP Newsletter - July 2017

Hey everyone, this is going to be a quick abbreviated newsletter because things have been busy for the newsletter crew and things don't seem to be slowing down right now on HLP. So here's the speedy scoop! (Pre-emptive apologies if I missed your stunning work of art!)

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HLP Newsletter - June 2017

Before we get to the newsletter, I want to highlight something pretty cool being done by an HLPer. Firesteel has started a YouTube series analyzing FreeSpace and the reasons why it’s the single most greatest work of art ever to be authored by living gods (or at least in the Space Sim universe). So give the first episode a watch and stay tuned for more.

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HLP Newsletter - May 2017

Howdy folks! The forums on HLP been undergoing some minor renovations lately. We've got some new boards dedicated to cataloging releases, and finally after 16 years, HLP has joined the internet and the general public can have avatars! Express yourself! Now to express HLP with this newsletter!

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HLP Newsletter - April 2017

March was a busy month in terms of fixing up bugs for the hopefully soon 3.8.0 Release Candidate. So get testing those nightly builds so we can have a new rock stable engine version!

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HLP Newsletter - February 2017

Well I'm glad to see HLP is off to a strong start this year. Some new demos, some updates, some very nice looking ships. So let's see how January went for the hard working modders.

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HLP Newsletter - January 2017

Happy new year! I wonder what new things the year will bring to this now 18 year old space-sim. Hard to say, but let's take a quick look at what happened in the last month of 2016 first.

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Releases in Review - 2016

2016 brought us some great new releases. From the titanic and complex Between the Ashes and The Aftermath: Reboot to the small and focused A Walk in the Sun and Lost, both veterans and new modders made their mark on the year.

So here's a list of 2016's Completed Mods! Congrats to the hard working modders!

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