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HLP Newsletter - August 2017

How's your summer reading going? Not at all? This newsletter counts, right? I sure hope so, because here's this month's happenings at HLP!

Campaign News

Rerelease - Beyond the Red Line

Admiral Nelson and the FreeSpace Campaign Restoration Project have re-released the literally award-winning demo for Beyond the Red Line, the earlier Battlestar Galactica mod way back in the day. It's great to see that the feel of the demo still keeps up with today's standards.

Rerelease - Shadow Genesis

And speaking of rereleases, Nyctaeus and his team has a major update to Shadow Genesis out. Included are a wealth of bug fixes, improved visuals, and reworked gameplay to guarantee amazing experiences. And it's all ready for 3.8.0! It's so future proof!

Dev Update - FS1 Upgrade

Trivial Psychic gives us a little insight into how the next chapter of FreeSpace 1 Augmented is going. Of particular note is the promise of "some pretty funny dialogue". I will hold that to you, Trivial Psychic! Your reputation will hang in the balance!

Dev Update - Shattered Stars

Bryan See offers some updates on Shattered Stars. Lots of work has been done on getting it fully standalone, eliminating all sorts of errors and bugs that cropped up. And it looks like starbug's great looking fleet has been adopted into the mod, which is great. There's also some nice looking screenshots, and a link to the github page so you can check out Shattered Stars right now if you like.

Dev Update - Scroll of Atankharzim

Goober5000 has posted a call for help to find a screenshot taker, but he found what he was looking for. However, the thread does have a nice and pretty collection of screenshots from Scroll of Atankharzim. There's shots of action, mystery, and EXPLOSIONS. (Those last ones are my favorite)

Coding News

FreeSpace Open 3.8.0 Release Candidate 3 was released! The fine coders at the SCP are slowly but surely making everything just right for the soon to be released 3.8.0 final!

And here is a small selection of neat pull request merges on GitHub. Everything is still mostly bug fixes because of the RC feature freeze right now.

  • #1404 minor enhancements to the debug sexp
  • #1405 Fix unloading streaming ANI files.
  • #1418 Fix bug in normal map rendering
  • #1420 Restart spring effect after stopping all FF effects

Modding News

Release - AC Iraklion

Nyctaeus releases the AC Iraklion, an ancient cruiser ready to conquer the galaxy… and get destroyed by Shivans.

WIP - GTT Monarch

BlackWolf gives us a sneak peek at his latest creation, the GTT Monarch. This is a military transport designed to ferry and refuel fighters around a system.

WIP - Cargo Pusher

Bobbtmann shows off a WIP of a neat looking cargo pusher. Don't let the scale fool you, this is actually a pretty large freighter!

What are you working on?

Over in 'What are you working on', we have some cool mainhall images from BlackWolf, and a neat looking planet!

Screencap Contest

Last month was a 'free month', no theme, just go wild.

And the month's winner was… DahBlount's gorgeous shot of the new GTC Leviathan!

Gorgeous model, gorgeous lighting, gorgeous everything.

Honorable mentions go out to FreeSpaceFreak's Moloch about to slice you in half and Nyctaeus' Shivan fighters in a green nebula.

That brings the scoreboard to the following standings:


  • Darius - 1
  • niffiwan - 1
  • tomimaki - 1
  • thisisaverylongusername - 1
  • FrikgFeek - 1
  • Nyctaeus - 1
  • DahBlount - 1

Still no one with more than one win! C'mon guys, get it together! You're in this for the long haul, right?

This month's theme is A Slice of Space Life

Forget all your worries of a space combat pilot and enjoy the quiet space life. Let's see civilian stations over planets, a great freighter convoy against a nebula, gas miners doing their thing or anything else along those lines.