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HLP Newsletter - February 2017

Well I'm glad to see HLP is off to a strong start this year. Some new demos, some updates, some very nice looking ships. So let's see how January went for the hard working modders.

Campaign News

Demo Release - The Last Stand

JSRNerdo (or a [`_`] on IRC) has posted a demo to, what I hope will be a long and fancy, capital ship command campaign. Here's what they have to say about it: "The fortresses of Polaris have fallen. The Sol wormhole is lost, and with it, the war. Humanity's finest hour is at hand."

Capship command. Lots of it. As in, that will be the only thing you do in the campaign
Manage your ship's heat, energy, weapons, and defenses in real-time while you fight an intelligent enemy that reacts to your every move
An event-driven, gameplay focused campaign
Innovation! Hopefully?
You get to overcharge your beams then skewer an enemy cruiser with it. It's very fun.

FUN?! I love fun! Take notes people!

Single Mission Release - Aerilon is Burning

Nightstorm has made a very polished single mission for Diaspora (our Battlestar Galactica mod). It may just be one mission, but there are 5 variants, one where you get to go in as a Raptor even.

"The Sobek class Battlestar Perseus is returning from a tour of deep patrol and manuevers on the edge of the outer colonies.  They are responding to reports of a Cylon attach on the colony of Aerilon.  When they arrive they find the Battlestar Sobek and two frigates engaged against two basestars.  Your mission:  Destroy or drive off the invading Cylons and assist the Colonial ships.  This mission can be difficult and there are multiple waves and groups of various Raiders."

So get back in your Vipers and junk some toasters.

WIP Release - Freespace 2: Faster Than Light

Wet Orange Ostrich Toilet (I think I'll just call them Woot) has released their first ever mission, and its inspired by the addictive game Faster Than Light.

"Join The Osprey on an adventure all across the Terran system in a race against time. And Rebels. Lots and lots of Rebels.
2369: A war breaks out. Not against the Shivans or an entirely new species. Instead, it's against a massively growing Rebellion, planning on completely overthrowing the GTVA. They steamroll everything in their path.
But there's one ship that can stop it all. The GTCv Osprey, led by Captain Notozumi, carries information that must reach the main fleet's HQ at all costs. But after an attack they lost their best Flight Leaders.
That's where you come in. Lieutenant Zardria, Callsign "Clipped Wing Angel". Can you aid The Osprey on her mission to save the GTVA from the brink of destruction?"

So give it a play and give the mission some feedback. Since this is Woot's first mission, its needed more than ever.

Campaign Update - Just Another Day 2.21

Axem (that's me!) has released a substantial update to my tale of comedy and friendship, Just Another Day 2.21. Included is amazing new art, weapons, and other major-minor incremental updates you may or may not notice. So if you haven't played it yet or want to replay it, now's the perfect time. (Also the next part, Just Another Day 2.22, comes out February 22!)

Campaign Update - The Aftermath: Reboot

Herkie423 has an update to The Aftermath: Reboot. Here they've got a number of spelling and grammar fixes and talking head animation fixes. Allwaze gud 2 c attsun 2 dat.

Dev Update - Ephesus

Rheyah has some new lore pieces for Ephesus for your direct consumption. Its good stuff, I mean when you start a piece off with "They had built a home in a corpse." there's no way you can go wrong.

Dev Update - Wings of Dawn

Spoon has an update and a video showing off some of the new advances in visual novel technology in FreeSpace. It looks great to be able to explore areas like that. So immersive.

Dev Update - Fate of the Galaxy

CountBuggula has posted a news item on the Fate of the Galaxy's site which I'll just crosspost to here. It's got some new Nebulon B pics, colored A-Wings and a cool action shot with E-Wings.

Dev Update - Bryan See

And Bryan See has a video up showing off some effects with the new particle effect system and an announcement that he is making a campaign for woutersmits entitled "Happy New Year". I really hope it will be.

Coding News

by niffiwan

As announced by The_E, the SCP has entered a feature freeze, to flush out bugs prior to the upcoming 3.8 release. There's even a bug bounty, so get out there and squash those bugs!

Since we're in a feature freeze, we'll put the spotlight on interesting bugfixes!

Here's the current bugs scoreboards. Firstly we have Mantis bugs & Github issues, both are about the same as last month:

(Mantis includes 32 feature requests not including HPC)

Next up we have Coverity issues, they're slowly falling again.

There's been a heap of new feature requests on the forum, but given that we're in a feature freeze it seems a bit teasing to draw attention to them when there's very little chance of them being worked on right now. I would take the opportunity to suggest that anyone with a feature request go log it in Github or Mantis, which should help it not be forgotten.

ngld has returned and made some updates to the Nebula/Knosssos installer/launcher combo. This includes some instructions/help for submitting new mods to the website. Head on over, load up some mods and give it a test to help find & squash any bugs.

Modding News

Ship Release - HLP Bravos
Starslayer, Axem and DahBlount have teamed up to bring you the HLP Bravos for all your joke missions. The real question is are they more scurvy than the Volition Bravos?

Ship Release - Persephone-class transport and Oceanus-class cruiser
Droid803 gives us a double release from Dimensional Eclipse, a transport and a brawling cruiser. That transport looks like it would fit in the background of any mission.

Work in Progress - starbug's United Terran Republic Fleet
Starbug has made a whole thread for their fleet of ships. Not for any FreeSpace faction, but they do have that gritty harsh battled look to them, so they could fit somewhere. No download links yet though!

Work in Progress - GTF Hydra
Nyctaeus (formerly known as Betrayal) shows off Hornet's texturing adventures with the GTF Hydra (formerly known as the Super-Ezechiel). I am eagerly waiting for its release so I can paint it purple.

Work in Progress - "Talos-class destroyer"
Nyctaeus also shows off the Talos-class Destroyer for Exile, fully textured. Now we just need to see it in game kicking lots of butt!

What Are You Working On?

And in the catch-all WIP thread, we have Cylons, woot's first ship, feathery nightmares, ultra-detailed cruisers, and remodeling the SOC Galatea.

Screencap Contest

Last month's theme was community models and uuuughhh. You guys. You make this so hard! I wish we could have multiple winners (maybe next year). So this month's winner, by a very slim margin is...

Darius' gorgeous orbital shot. I love the lighting, I love that contrast of the planet and the dark stations, that subtle bloom. And it captures the theme exactly, models from all over the community!

Honorable mentions go out to Spoon's gorgeous fleet, and Nyctaeus' space flower.

This seasons scoreboard stands at:

  • Darius - 1

This month's theme: Mono et Mono

Show 2 ships deadlocked in a duel to the death. But ONLY 2 ships. No escort ships or fighters!

Watch those HUD gauges (especially that sneaky FPS gauge) and check out the Screencam Script to help you win a badge and bragging rights. You can see the rules and the previous winners here on the Wiki.