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HLP Newsletter - July 2017

Hey everyone, this is going to be a quick abbreviated newsletter because things have been busy for the newsletter crew and things don't seem to be slowing down right now on HLP. So here's the speedy scoop! (Pre-emptive apologies if I missed your stunning work of art!)

Campaign News

Release - The Great War Augmented

Trivial Psychic officially releases the first chapter for a redone FreeSpace 1 campaign. New missions, new ships, new objectives!

Mod Update - Between the Ashes

Mjn releases an update for Between the Ashes so it uses all the newest features for 3.8.0! APNG! MPEG movies! TTF Fonts! Bananas! (Okay that one was there already)

Dev Update - The Lost Generation - Ashcroft

Orpheus has an update on some mission progress and ship balancing, and a cool looking gameplay video!

Dev Update - Shattered Stars

Bryan See has the mod working in standalone. Also got a fighter model WIP to show off. Also a (fairly extensive) help wanted post!

Dev Update - Happy New Year

Woutersmits is working on a 20 mission demo for Happy New Year called "chaos of huin". No word on if there will be slaves.

Dev Update - Frontlines 2332

Black Wolf gives a fairly extensive on how the next chapter of Frontlines is going. Basically, there's a lot of new models just dying to be blown up in spectacular fashion.

Dev Update - Wings of Dawn

Spoon spends 4 days crafting a crushing and savage post about how dumb swarm missiles are. You won't believe what comes next! (Spoilers, it's silly bugs)

Dev Update - Just Another Day 2.2

Axem (that's me) talks about modding and what the final JAD episode will look like.

Dev Update - Legion's Demise

DefCynodont119's campaign is getting close to release! It's going to have Shivans and explosions and possibly the Battle of Deneb!

Story Reveals - Blue Planet Oracle Goes Nuts

General Battuta, in mystical oracle fashion, will answer any and all questions about the next chapters of Blue Planet. Ask and you will receive deadly spoilers!

Coding News


Admiral MS has an update to the Ship Save/Load Script that had an error with saving variables!

(Also a small semi-related update to the screencam script

Modding News

Release - PVFg Cleopatra

BlackWolf releases this cute little Vasudan light carrier for agile force projection!

Release - United Terran Republic

Starbug releases their whole fleet of fierce looking space warships!

Release - Andraste / Excursor Corvette

Darius releases this textured model he textured by starbug, looks small and compact with a lot of firepower!

Release - PVC Neith (Capella Variant)

Nyctaeus releases a retexture of the PVC Neith that BlackWolf released a couple of months ago!

WIP - Nebulon-B Frigate

Bobbtmann releases a very jaw dropping pic of the Nebulon-B Frigate for Fate of the Galaxy!


Hades is texturing a giant container! Wow! Nice job!

WIP - Starbug Ships

Starbug isn't done with making ships! He's got not one, but two new ones being made!

WIP - Nyctaeus Carrier

Nyctaeus has a new carrier in the works in progress, looks good, meaty, and chunky!

Screencap Contest

This month's theme was EVIL. I challenged HLP to give me the most evil looking fleets or scenes, so that I may tremble for them!

And this month's winner was Nyctaeus' green-tinted black death ships from Shadow Genesis (I think that's the mod anyway, you never know with these super busybody modders)

Honorable mentions this month go out to Mpez's cloudy and shadowy nebula shots, and Thisisaverylongusername for some warcrimes that dare not be reposted.

This brings the scoreboard to…


  • Darius - 1
  • niffiwan - 1
  • tomimaki - 1
  • thisisaverylongusername - 1
  • FrikgFeek - 1
  • Nyctaeus - 1

Six months in and everyone is tied with 1 win. It won't take much to upset this tug of war.

Next month's theme is going to be… nothing! It's a Free Month

Don't let me tell you what to post. (As long as it is cool) (And awesome) (And amazingly shot)

Watch those HUD gauges (especially that sneaky FPS gauge) and check out the Screencam Script to help you win a badge and bragging rights. You can see the rules and the previous winners here on the Wiki. (When I get around to updating it anyway)