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HLP Newsletter - October 2017

October appears to be month of the Vasudan! We have 3 new campaign releases featuring Vasudan pilots, as well as some other interesting tidbits. Sa Vasuda!

Campaign News

Release - The Mantle

To start off this Vasudan heavy month, Kestrellius has released the first segment of The Mantle. In this campaign you fly as a Hammer of Light pilot as you try and chat up your gods, the Shivans. Something tells me the Shivans are not great conversationalists. Other exciting features include blob turrets that's aren't terrible, grammar, long arguments about esoteric fictional theology, and a ship named the Whorehouse. Take my Vasudan money now!

Release - Scroll of Atankharzim

After many moons, seasons and celestial transits, Goober5000 and the many other members of the SA team have pushed out the first part of The Scroll of Atankharzim. This campaign is apparently about Vasudans. But also Shivans, undiscovered systems, mysteries and other fun mystical attributes.

Release - Fortunes of War, Deneb III, Other Assorted Goodies

Goober5000 has also released a few other small goodies. There's Fortunes of War, a campaign for FreeSpace 1, covering a month long gap in the original campaign. Deneb III, a prize campaign for solving the long running Pheonix ARG (with tie-ins connecting to ST:R, Shrouding the Light and the retail campaigns). And there's also a pack of old campaigns, HLP culture potpurri, and other FreeSpace goodies that Goober had lying around.

Kind of Release? - FRED Contest 2005

Lastly, Goober5000 has opened the gates on the 12 year old FREDding contest that never got judging quite done. You can find the missions in this post, and there is some interesting critique on them in the review threads. I would check it out the forum if only for that.

Update - Exile

"Expect release of Into the Dark Waters in the next one-two weeks"

Well… we're waiting! wink

Update - Star Fox Event Horizon

Undying Nephalim has an update to its wonderful looking character art for Star Fox: Event Horizon. I really hope to see some future footage of the animated heads in missions.

Coding News

Most of the commits to the codebase this month have been mostly OpenGL related optimizations, which is great, but it's mostly technical behind the scenes thing. You might gain a few extra FPS, but give a nightly build a try or this "bindless texturing" build that needs testing.

But one neat feature that got added last month was that FreeSpace Open now will save your screenshots in spiffy png format now, instead of clunky tga! Now getting your screencaps up is lessened by a whole step.

Modding News

Release - GTSC Schrodinger
This collaboration by Moonred, Hades and Nyctaeus has been released. Perfect for your science missions, especially since it has a spinny science thingy. Much science. Very spin. (Note: Nyctaeus is also taking requests for work! (Currently occupied at the moment, but check back later!))

Over on in What Are You Working On, WOOT has some freaky looking space whale and corrupted flesh zombie ships. Pretty freaky. Also. Spooky. A little… too spooky. For me.

Screencap Contest

Last month's theme was Unity. I wanted to see your diverse and integrated fleets. And what could have been better than tomimaki's Vasudan cruiser escorting Vasudan and Terran freighters through a dangerous firefight?


  • Darius - 1
  • niffiwan - 1
  • tomimaki - 2
  • thisisaverylongusername - 1
  • Frikgfeek - 1
  • Nyctaeus - 1
  • DahBlount - 1
  • deathsnake - 1

We at last, have broken the 9 month long stalemate of the leaderboard! Tomimaki now has 2 points. It won't take much to tie them, and time is running out!

This month's theme is… Spooky scary. Get out your dark red nebulas, or your death black ships. Gimme something to be scared of!!!