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Releases in Review - 2016

2016 brought us some great new releases. From the titanic and complex Between the Ashes and The Aftermath: Reboot to the small and focused A Walk in the Sun and Lost, both veterans and new modders made their mark on the year.

So here's a list of 2016's Completed Mods! Congrats to the hard working modders!


single mission by Taranis

"Set during the events of 'The Sixth Wonder', Overlord details the actions of other parts of the Aquitaine's fleet as they attempt to destroy one of the Orion class destroyers involved in the NTF attack on Epsilon Pegasi. The NTD Normandy. Prove to GTVA command you don't need a superdestroyer to take down a rebel Orion."

A Walk in the Sun

campaign by Taranis

"You are Alpha 1, wing leader on the GTD Messana during the Second Shivan Incursion and one of very few surviving officers from the Battle for Capella.  That war is now over. The GTVA fleet has been devastated. Some fleets have effecively ceased to exist and experienced pilots are a rare breed.

It is in this backdrop that you have been posted to the GTD Phonecia, currently in the Mintaka system. Your mission; to take a destroyer's worth of untrained fighter pilots and turn them into a force which could withstand the next Shivan invasion. However, fate has other things in mind and the inexperienced ships of GTVA Training Command Group 2 are about to face yet another crisis from an unexpected direction."

Between the Ashes: Slaves of Chaos

campaign by Mjn.mixael and the BtA Team

"Fly as a GTA pilot serving under Admiral Po aboard the GTD Intrepid. You helped defeat the Shivans, you chose the right side during the GTI Rebellion, and now your skill has awarded you a squad position assigned to the wasteland of Antares. Your job is to be a simple peace-keeping force in a system that's a melting pot of Terrans and Vasudans.. both good, and bad. But when your early patrol is hit by cunning smugglers, you'll follow some threads that lead to an unexpected enemy... one that out-matches even the Admiral."

The Aftermath: Reboot

campaign by Herkie423

"The story takes place three years after the destruction of Capella and the end of the Second Shivan War. The GTVA is recovering but it has become a paranoid society building their military might believing that their old nemesis will someday return. Even then, the tension between the two races is growing, the Terrans are deep in debt while the Pirate Issue is becoming problematic. With everything going haywire, how can the alliance face the inevitable? Experience the journey of one mercenary seeking his ultimate purpose as he tore through the chaos in a brutal war then, later, the fate of all rested on his weary shoulders."


campaign by PVD_Hope

"Lost is a short story about waking up in the middle of nowhere. Your goal is to uncover the story from what little hints you're given, and hopefully discover your destiny. I tried to avoid too much blatant exposition, and some of the details are left up to you.

Since it's story-based, Lost is a bit of a "your-mileage-may-vary" campaign. Whether or not I successfully pulled off my goal of presenting an atmospheric, mysterious short story is really up to you."